I'm currently suffering from one of those

  Forum Editor 18:20 22 Sep 2010

'I just want to lie down and die' head colds, and as I sat here feeling sorry for myself I got to wondering whether, as the 21st century gets under way, we are any nearer to finding a cure for the ailment that affects so many people all over the world throughout their lives.

Back in 1998 scientists at the Common Cold Centre in Cardiff announced that they had cracked the structure of the rhinovirus, and were hopeful they would be able to develop a treatment to block its effect.They warned that a total cure for the common cold could still be 10-20 years away, and now, twelve years later I wonder if I should give them a call to see how it's going.

Does anyone have any current information on the situation? If I still had a living grandmother I might seriously contemplate selling her to get a cure right now.

  Yimbo 18:28 22 Sep 2010

I've heard it said that, treated, a cold can be gone in as little as a week. Left untreated, it could last as long as seven days!

  john bunyan 19:14 22 Sep 2010

No cure, but I reccomend a "Lemsip" or similar, with a good shot of brandy in hot water, an early night, and low groans from time to time to garner sympathy.
I discovered in the lat '50's that the Porton Down "common cold" research establishment was not all it seemed....

  carver 19:17 22 Sep 2010

Men suffer a lot worse from colds and flu than woman click here thats why it's called Man Flu

  nangadef 19:23 22 Sep 2010

According to Wiki "There is no cure; however, symptoms usually resolve spontaneously in 7 to 10 days, with some symptoms possibly lasting for up to three weeks".

But a/c to the CommonColdCure site "It has been cured for over sixty years. For various reasons, one of them being WWII, this simple cure has been lost to the general public, but it has resurfaced by accident while doing research for lung related diseases. Yes, it is a simple grassroot solution to a very old problem, but very effective".

That's if you want to pay the quack ;-)

  Forum Editor 19:36 22 Sep 2010

who try to work through a cold, rather than taking their wife's advice, and lying low for a day, doing nothing but let my body fight the virus.

I have always contended that the cold virus will run its course no matter what steps you take, so I does myself with industrial strength Lempsip, and soldier on, making a martyr of myself, and being ratty with anyone who says 'why don't you have an early night, and give your system a chance?'

I'm on day three - two more to go, if it runs true to my usual colds. I get one a year, seldom more.

  sunnystaines 19:43 22 Sep 2010

can we do a swap i will take on your head cold and you can have my cluster attacks for a week.

wish you all the best get well soon, hot spicy food may help.

  octal 19:47 22 Sep 2010

Humph, that's more sympathy than I get when I'm at deaths door I usually get told it's man flu, manage it.

  birdface 20:00 22 Sep 2010

Does not matter if the brother in law gets a heavy cold or Flu he still comes round to visit us.
I am sure he is quite happy to pass it on.
I usually get pills from the chemist for it and they normally work fairly well at least let you breath through your nose properly.
Nice hot curry sounds good.
A nice hot lemsip at nightime before you go to bed and that will sweat it out of you.

  muddypaws 20:21 22 Sep 2010

Contact 400 tablets always worked for me. In 10 mins your nose was normal and if you had half pint of beer soon after taking the tablet you were asleep before getting upstairs!
Of course anything that works well gets withdrawn from sale as it might cause a stroke.
So I must stick with a cold.
Also why have I had three this year when one in three years was the norm?
What tablets are they then? Sudofed?

  morddwyd 20:27 22 Sep 2010

Don't be ridiculous, you don't have a cold.

You have acute viral pneumonia, with possible bronchial complications.

It is fairly urgent that you should take to your bed for a week, with much laying on of soothing hands, and sympathetic verbal unguents.

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