I'm A Celeb

  babybell 12:51 16 Nov 2010

At the risk of being jeered, has anyone been watching the new series and if you have, what have you thought of Dr (but not officially) Gillian McKeith's antics?

  gengiscant 13:11 16 Nov 2010

Who is Gillian McKeith ?

  Covergirl 13:12 16 Nov 2010

. . . . but is quite happy to grobble about in someones poo!

The more she screams, the more tasks she puts herself up for.

  namtas 13:14 16 Nov 2010

She did not know that she would come into contact with insects!

  babybell 13:16 16 Nov 2010

Well its not her fault. She might have a fear of insects and creepy crawlies, but you don't expect to encoutner them in the Australian outback....


  Pine Man 13:52 16 Nov 2010

'At the risk of being jeered'.

It's the TV snobs that do the jeering and, from experience, it's surprising how many of those 'snobs' actually watch the programs they whinge about.

No television programme is compulsory so you watch what you want and enjoy it. You were joined by 12.5 million other viewers on the first night (12.5 million and one if you count me) who also enjoyed a bit of, very, very light entertainment!

  babybell 13:55 16 Nov 2010

I suppose your right, it's just always a cringe-worthy subject to bring up.

It is very light entertainment.

But they had me at the "Who wants to eat a willy on air" feature.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:05 16 Nov 2010

1) it is not set in the 'Outback'...far from it.
2) the 'celebs' are in no danger whatsoever every single thing is controlled.
3) Like The X Factor, everything is carefully scripted and arranged including 'arguments', 'disagreements' and theatrical hysteria.....nothing is left to chance.
4) they are all acting with every breath.
5) entertainment?


  Kevscar1 14:08 16 Nov 2010

Wife watches it so have no choice. It should be called " I'm a hasbeen/wanabe and I'll do anything to get my face on TV"

  donki 14:54 16 Nov 2010

I must be getting old because I am bored of reality TV it is everywhere on every channel and IMO is killing british drama/comedy.

I have been enjoying Open All Hours and Poridge on Gold and recently bought Prime Suspect on DVD shows like this were brilliant and I for one miss them. There is very little I actually watch on the terestial channels...... after that rant I will have to admitt I do enjoy the apprentice though.

  gengiscant 15:23 16 Nov 2010

"It's the TV snobs that do the jeering "

I don't think so, the program,like most so called reality shows is absolute drivel. As 'Kevscar' says its a load of has beens/wannabes doing anything to raise their sad profiles.

The word celebrity seems to encompass just about anyone these days. How sad is it that TV and newspapers fill there schedules/columns with so much tripe about these people.

So,if by not wanting to know anything about the so called Celebs or watch them in some scripted, false,arranged TV program makes me a snob. Then I welcome the title TV snob.

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