Illuminated Keyboard

  ajm 21:30 21 Oct 2009

If only it was wireless and bundled with a wireless here

  m800afc 03:29 22 Oct 2009

This is the one I use, A Saitek Eclipse 3, available for less than £40, and excellent in every respect.

click here

  Quickbeam 08:49 22 Oct 2009

"backlit keys that are bright enough to let you type in the dark."
Why would one...?

  dagbladet 09:26 22 Oct 2009

I've never considered it before. However, my keyboard is quite shaded from the screen by the upper shelf, unless i drag it right to the edge, then I cant rest my wrists. The room light is behind me so again the keys are shaded (by my chunky self). I'd consider one of these, though i'm a bit of a tight wad so I think about £15-£20 is probably my limit.

  Chris the Ancient 11:54 22 Oct 2009

I have a Saitek II. I quite like it.

Down-side? A lot of smooth plastic that shows every fingermark. Aprt from that, it's great.

Now having seen the Eclipse III, I can feel my wallet twitching!

  exdragon 13:28 22 Oct 2009

Stop it - I want one...NOW!

Don't need on at all, but I'm a sucker for anything bright and shiny, and as my other half complains that he hates my current MS ergonomic 4000 split keyboard, perhaps he should buy me one!

  Chris the Ancient 13:58 22 Oct 2009

I now hate ajm!!! ;o))

My wallet twitched too much and I've ordered one. It was the better multimedia facilities on it. The Eclipse II has only very rudimentary media player controls and no memory of the colour lighting last chosen (among other things).

Next stage is a pair of decent headphones for listening to My Music - even though I have a quite good set of 2:1 speakers (that sometimes must be annoying to the neighbour!)

  exdragon 14:53 22 Oct 2009

Glad I'm not the only one.

  Forum Editor 18:25 22 Oct 2009

but I won't be tempted by the illuminated one. I have been using one of these click here for the past 18 months or so, and it's far and away the best keyboard I've ever laid my hands on. It looks beautiful, works perfectly, and each charge lasts around a month. I'll change when I find anything better, but I have seen nothing that comes close so far.

  AL47 18:31 22 Oct 2009

i have a microsoft entertainment one, but am wanting the backlit one, [i watch films from the computer over the other side of the room] when its dark i cant see it, this could be a good choice, and multimedia buttons are a must!

  AL47 18:44 22 Oct 2009

oh, neither are wireless, thats a must, ill stick with the 7000

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