Illegal Rave - Toothless Police

  PalaeoBill 12:19 15 Nov 2009

As I type this I can hear the 'music' penetrating the double glazing and feel it through the vibrations in the floor boards. A rave started in the fields behind my village at around 1am this morning. The police arrived quite quickly, including a helicopter presence and then did nothing. They did do it immediately though!
At 11am I called the police on the non-emergency number and was told, not surprisingly, that they had had many calls on the subject. I was assured that there is a police presence there and they were monitoring the situation and putting procedures in place to deal with it.
I know they are there, I can see them, they have been there for eleven and a quarter hours now. The music is still going. I thought the police had powers to stop such events, sieze audio equipment etc.
Perhaps I should have suggested that someone was smacking a child, or threatening to smack a child.

  Forum Editor 13:50 15 Nov 2009

and a few other things.

Was consent given by the landowner?

Was consent sought/obtained from the local authority?

Is this a free event, or have people been charged for admission?

  spuds 15:57 15 Nov 2009

Try contacting the local councils 'nuisance team', they may have further advice or help.

In a situation like this, it sometimes prevents the police from taking immediate action, but a softly softly approach can work wonders in the long term.

  User-1229748 18:12 15 Nov 2009

is this happening every weekend?if it's the first you will probably find that measures will be taken to prevent it happening again.we were all young once :o)

  AL47 18:20 15 Nov 2009

if i knew of an illegal rave id go, alas if they happen i dont here about them :(

  cream. 19:18 15 Nov 2009

Remember the 70's flower power, tranies and the chance of an all nighter blasting out a few groovy tunes.

Upsetting the old foggies and getting the fuzz banging on the door at 3 in the morning.

Bloody kids want locking up. :-)

  PalaeoBill 21:17 15 Nov 2009

I don't know if they had the landowners permission or if a fee was levied but I will find out. The parish council knew nothing of it and they didn't obtain consent from the local authorities.
They did leave a pretty awful mess behind. The music was still playing when I left at around 1 but the site was cleared of people by 3 when I got back. The BBC have reported on it:
click here

  wiz-king 05:41 16 Nov 2009

They should have organized better weather!

  spuds 14:43 16 Nov 2009

One thing could be stated about the good old days. If this occured then it would be a landowner,gamekeeper and their followers plus a few gin traps and stout sticks, and woe betide any trespassers, squatters or what have you ;o(

Nowadays the police, council's,landowners, property owners can do very little without a court order or legal declaration, except making sure that drugs, booze and violent disorder is not taking place.

At this point in time, I would be worried about who was paying for the clean-up operation, in the hope that the field is not public property, and the burden will fall on the tax payer.

  PalaeoBill 21:45 16 Nov 2009

Northants Police
click here

Northampton Chronicle and Echo
click here

I particularly like the bit in the reports about the noise disruption being minimal. I beg to differ. I'm in the middle of the village, it must have been dreadful for those nearer the barn and without double glazing.

Spuds: Contractors and council vehicles as well as the police were on site doing a clean up in the afternoon. The road side verges and fields around the barn were covered in litter. A large tanker was parked alongside the barn, I have no idea what for but it looked like one of those that empty septic tanks. I dare say we will be paying for it in the council tax.

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