Illegal downloaders 'face UK ban'

  barca1 10:50 12 Feb 2008

OOOh this is intresting news, more clampdowns on the public cause the goverment are missing out on TaX,its also about the artists NOT getting what they deserve which i aggree with.

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  mole44 10:54 12 Feb 2008

good,be like the rest and buy stuff don`t steal

  [email protected] 11:04 12 Feb 2008

again they go after the easy targets, why dont they stop the internet companies who openly offer illegal downloads and the like?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:16 12 Feb 2008

Oooohhhhh, they must be quivering in their boots as such harsh and draconian action /yawn


  silverous 12:34 12 Feb 2008

If it is enforcable then I would have thought far better to send the perpetrators an automatically generated letter from F.A.C.T or the record companies/their representatives outlining their law breaking and what typical punishments for such activities are. I don't think having internet access ceased is enough of a deterrent but a multi-thousand pounds fine and a criminal record might be.

  bstb3 12:50 12 Feb 2008

Presumably the email would go to the registered email of the contract holder with the ISP. In many cases this is likely to be the parents of the 'teen' involved (I know its a stereotype and its not all or always teenagers). I should hope that would be enough to prompt the parents into acting to stop this going on, I know I wouldnt want to lose my Internet connection & contract due to the actions of my kids.

Whether or not the parents ever check their emails etc is another matter and I agree that simply cancelling the Internet connection would not deter the hardened downloader.

  realist 13:51 12 Feb 2008

Yet more uncalled for, probably unenforceable, legislation in the name of protecting the profits of the fat cat big business friends of our beloved and sanctimonious elected representatives.

  Totally-braindead 13:57 12 Feb 2008

If its copyright material regardless of whether its a film or music or whatever. If you download it from some of these sites then the people who own the copyright get nothing. Its illegal.

Now as to whether the idea is enforceable I have great doubts as to whether they can work out any way of doing it.

  €dstowe 14:13 12 Feb 2008

Like adman 2 and silverous state, they are doing this from the wrong end.

It's the suppliers that should be targeted, not the users.

  al7478 16:02 12 Feb 2008

the industry body who are behind this are the same silly lot who wanted to stop garages and the like playing their radios at such volume that they are audible to the wider public.

will this breed good will? will it win the battle for hearts and minds? No.

will it make everyone's broadband more expensive...? probably.

i agree with all the negative sentiments above, pretty much.

  Devil Fish 16:07 12 Feb 2008

they go after the easy targets i assume you mean the downloader because without international co operation it would be nigh on impossible to close down all the offending sites

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