“Illegal” Bank Charges

  Confab 14:54 15 May 2007

If you have an outstanding claim then you should think about settling soon. It looks like 1-0 to the banks but I don’t think we’ve even reached half time yet!

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  lisa02 15:02 15 May 2007

I just got charged £28 for a few hours of being overdrawn.

10th May:

DD taken. Acount goes overdrawn.
Money Paid in by me to cover it at 11am, after I realised that morning.
Bank immediately take £28 forcing account still to be overdrawn.
Account overdrawn again as the DD bounced.

This happened in the space of a few hours on the same day!

Admittedly I should have had enough cash in the account, though I didn't know exactly when the DD would have been presented. Having said that if the bank hadn't added that charge in the space of a few hours, on the same day!!, I'd have been okay!

I called the bank on the 11th to complain and they unwillingly refunded the £28 and said no other charge would be applied.

  Kate B 15:15 15 May 2007

Crikey, that is quite draconian, given that you immediately took steps to sort it out.

  MichelleC 15:25 15 May 2007

I believe the banks operate a daily penalty (ie £28) not an hourly overdraw penalty, so once they realised the error of their ways they were obliged to refund. They're trying everything to extract money now.

  Confab 15:43 15 May 2007

Quite a few people go overdrawn because DD’s come out of their account at irregular times of the month and I can understand that it’s easy to get caught out. This a really easy problem to solve and it’s the method I’ve used since I was a lad.

Simply open a second current account with your bank – You can do this in 5 minutes, quite often online. Set up a standing order on your current account so that every month the total amount of your monthly DD’s is transferred into your new current account. Arrange for your DD’s to be claimed from your new current account. My standing order is set up so that a payment goes to my “DD” account the day after I get paid. This way I know that all my DD’s are covered. It’s not quite so easy if you are paid weekly or paid in cash but this method certainly works well for me.


  spuds 15:45 15 May 2007

Methinks that there will be further moves regarding this judges verdict.We haven't heard the last of this!.

lisa02, you have my sympathy. I went through a similar incident last year. On that occasion, I visited the bank within the hour of receiving their 'charge' letter (shock and alarm), and spoke to the customer service adviser, who told me that "on this occasion, I will cancel the charge fee. But it will never be cancelled again, if the same thing happens". That statement from a 22 year old jobs-worth, finally lit the blue torch paper, especially after the first incident. Saw the manager (who I knew), and got an apology and recompense. But it doe's annoy you, especially the attitude of others.

  Kate B 16:04 15 May 2007

That's exactly what I do - simple but effective.

  lisa02 16:11 15 May 2007

A bit more complex but that's how ours works.

I get paid weekly in one account. He gets paid monthly in his own and we have one for DDs. What caught us out was a different DD came out earlier than expected, it shouldn't have been taken til after my partner gets paid. Which normally gives me time to load his part of the bills fund into the account, which is in my name.

  Kate B 16:12 15 May 2007

I'm a huge fan of internet banking - it means you can spot things like that and shift cash into the account quickly if needed. Assuming of course you have the cash to shift into the account ...

  lisa02 16:17 15 May 2007

I don't mean to hijack the thread but I did have more than enough money, it was in a different account of mine at the same bank. We use telephone banking btw.

  Confab 16:25 15 May 2007

Get then to add a O/D limit on to your account. Banks will usually bend over backwards to do this for you and they are free. It comes in handy for when that unexpected DD arrives. That way that bank can’t charge you penalty fees because your overdraft has already been authorised. Anyway enough of me telling you how to run your account – sorry


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