I'll give it 5 Minutes

  Confab 23:23 25 Oct 2006

Just so you all know I’ve spent the last half an hour covering every wall in the house with pages from the Bible. I’ve got a clove of garlic around my neck and I’ve ordered a silver bullet from e-bay for 20th November. Horseshoes are over every door and poor old bunny is now hobbling along on three legs.

I can post on this forum in safety. Phew! ;-)


  rodriguez 23:27 25 Oct 2006

Half an hour to cover every wall? Can you come and paper my house? I bet you'd do it quicker than my mate Whitey, who will put a strip down, have a cider, put another strip down, have 2 ciders, put another strip down, then just get drunk and give up... :-P

  Forum Editor 23:29 25 Oct 2006

What's happening on 20th November?

  Confab 23:30 25 Oct 2006

I live in a samll house! Blast there I go again......

  Confab 23:30 25 Oct 2006

Full Moon

  Confab 23:33 25 Oct 2006

Maybe I need to re-order for 5th, otherwise I could be in serious trouble!!

  PurplePenny 23:34 25 Oct 2006

I don't understand.

  De Marcus™ 23:35 25 Oct 2006

Full Moon = Madness

  rodriguez 23:36 25 Oct 2006

I'm mad anyway I don't need a full moon ;-)

  josie mayhem 23:41 25 Oct 2006

the full moon can effect people..

I've worked with dementia, and we found that some of the residents would become more aggetated around the full moon..

  WhiteTruckMan 23:45 25 Oct 2006

to the miracle of the mid-day moon today. It was off a bridge on the M62 near J11 (the warrington turn). Strangely enough it raised a smile from me, and I really cant explain why....



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