Ignorant people

  interzone55 20:44 20 Feb 2009

We hear many stories about how ignorant kids are today, well maybe this is why.

I was in McDonalds today, whoever had previously used the next table had failed to dispose of their tray.
Two elderly ladies arrived with a couple of kids in tow. One of them picked up the tray of rubbish and deposited it on an empty seat at my table.
I protested, pointing out that on the other side of their table was a bin.

"It's not my rubbish" she said
"Well it's not mine either, stick it in the bin"

The woman just ignored me

"Fine example of manners to be showing to your grandkids" I pointed out

"Oh f--- off" was her riposte...

  Monoux 20:51 20 Feb 2009

When confronted with the phrase you outline I find that the reply "I'm sorry I don't do requests" usually suffices

  octal 20:54 20 Feb 2009

There's only one answer to people like that, tip the rubbish over her head as you're leaving, that'll give her something to F and blind about.

  bluto1 21:23 20 Feb 2009

I've wanted to do just that on an odd occasion but stayed my hand as it is assault of some degree.

  Kemistri 21:45 20 Feb 2009

Tempting though Octal's suggestion would be, I would opt not to eat in the kind of places that attract people like that. But kudos to Alan14 for having principles and expressing them - I wish more people would.

  MAJ 23:04 20 Feb 2009

"I was in McDonalds today......."

Jeez, you don't eat that crap do you, alan18?

  rdave13 00:18 21 Feb 2009

I tend to agree that the food is a bit lacking, though to be fair to McD, they do give some options of fairly "healthy" err stuff.
My children love their fish fingers and chips and has absolutely nothing to do with the 'free'toy.
I enjoy their coffee though.
alan14, good to know that you voiced your complaint to deaf ears. I've given up confronting such people and have spoken quite loudly to my four year old daughter, in exactly the same circumstances, and said that we must take somebody elses rubbish to the bin otherwise people might think we are dirty and lazy.
She usually responds by something like "don't they go to school to learn then?".
Makes me smile...

  Quickbeam 00:31 21 Feb 2009

"I was in McDonalds today......."
"Jeez, you don't eat that crap do you, alan18?"

That just about sums up what eating out is to many today. A finger feast of cholesterol laden crap on a filthy table. Drive past any KFC on a Sunday afternoon and see how many people consider that to be a Sunday lunch.

You can't expect civilised table manners from people that eat with the table manners of the chimps at a zoo tea party...

  rdave13 00:45 21 Feb 2009

A bit, err, overzealous remark that don't you think?
Not KFC or Sunday mentioned in original post.
"cholesterol laden crap" I'd tend to agree somewhat..:-|

  Quickbeam 00:56 21 Feb 2009

Not at all, they're all the same.

Look through the windows of these places and you see base eating manners that belong in the pig sty. Obviosly this is the normal eating stlye at home.

Pigs go oink, and these people eat like oiks...

  rdave13 01:22 21 Feb 2009

Once a month I take my youngest children to McD and they enjoy themselves. I and my partner enjoy a coffee and watch how our offspring eat.
In such places it can be a tad difficult to impress on etiquette but really these places are for quick eating afforded by the thousands and looked down upon by persons who can afford a bit more.
What's new.
Someone noted on my "calibre" in another deleted post, such is my low standing..sigh..

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