If you're looking for something fascinating

  Forum Editor 22:33 07 Aug 2007

this summer/autumn I can thoroughly recommend this

click here

I've seen these in China, and nothing prepares you for the impact they have.

  Stuartli 22:51 07 Aug 2007

It's something I would love to visit, but it's impossible in view of the distance involved and personal family needs...:-(

I have been to the museum in the past though.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:53 07 Aug 2007

see them in their original settings. I've seen them on the one eyed idiot crystal and that looks fascinatig enough. Unfortunately I will probably never see them like that for real.


  Forum Editor 22:58 07 Aug 2007

Admittedly there's no real substitute for seeing the army in its original location, but the British Museum is famous for the way it stages these big prestige exhibits, and they don't come any bigger or more prestigious than this - you will still be treated to a stunning display.

  Kev.Ifty 23:12 07 Aug 2007

Just after the Kids go back this term....

I'll have too wait for the next Hols.

£12 per Adult. £10 for 16 - 18. Free under 16.
Sounds good to me.

Shall put it in my diary.

Cheers FE

  Forum Editor 23:16 07 Aug 2007

My advice is to leave it until, say, November - let the crowds die down a little. The museum has already sold almost 40,000 tickets, and the exhibition will be packed to begin with - they're already talking of staying open for 24 hours a day to make it easier for visitors.

  hereford456 17:32 08 Aug 2007

Have not been to The British Museum for years.
May well be worth a day off to see this.
Cheers FE.

  Forum Editor 17:38 08 Aug 2007

that there is as much still under the ground, waiting to be revealed, as that which has already been uncovered.

It's believed that the emperor ordered an underground tomb that included a miniature representation of the entire Chinese mainland - rivers and seas were created using many thousands of gallons of mercury. It must have been an unbelievable sight. The heads of the terracotta warriors were all made separately, and they simply sit in a socket on top of the body sections.

I promise you, even seeing a few warriors out of location will be a memorable experience.

  lixdexik 22:10 08 Aug 2007

When it first came to the UK in Edinburgh years ago. It was amazing, well worth a visit, truly a must see if you can.


  Forum Editor 23:09 08 Aug 2007

I had no idea that Terracotta warriors had been exhibited in Edinburgh - when was that, can you recall?

They were at the 1982 world's fair, were in Barcelona in 2004, and have just left Malta, but Edinburgh is news to me.

  Devil Fish 23:16 08 Aug 2007

FE apparently so

A much smaller exhibition of warriors was seen in Britain in 1985 when some of the figures were exhibited at the City Arts Centre in Edinburgh. That was attended by more than 200,000 people.

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