If you're a biker...

  Kemistri 23:41 26 Jan 2008

You might already be aware of this: click here Apparently, something called Stone Mastic Asphalt is routinely being used on our roads and it's so low-grip that most other European countries have banned its use. It's doubly bad for bikers because it may never wear down and gain grip in the barely-used middle part of the road, as if you didn't have enough to watch out for on winter roads.

  Forum Editor 00:04 27 Jan 2008

and I'm astonished to learn that the Highways Agency decided not to continue to use this material in the 1990's but that the government later reversed the decision.

  wiz-king 07:56 27 Jan 2008

The Britsh Horse Scociety has complained about this stuff for several years and has run a publicity campain to alert the highways authorities to its dangers.click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:30 27 Jan 2008

Nothing new there and standard practice for my employer.

  thms 11:04 27 Jan 2008

Interesting read. It may explain why the bit of road they have re-surfaced near me is like riding on an ice rink. Seems to be as bad as that stuff they seal the joins with. Now that is slippery stuff.
The general state of the road I use to get to work is diabolical, it's like riding through a ploughed field at times. It has more patches on it than a patchwork quilt.

  wee eddie 15:18 27 Jan 2008

They appear the be surfacing all Corners and Junctions with a special, light coloured, grippy surface.

Maybe the use of SMA explains this.

  laurie53 18:45 27 Jan 2008

Hairy or not I still regret giving the bike up last year.

Fine Sunday today and the real bikers, as opposed to those wimps who only tax and insure for the summer months, are streaming past the house on their way up the coast.

  Forum Editor 18:54 27 Jan 2008

Tell me, why are you a wimp if you choose only to ride a motorbike in the summer months? It sounds to me like those wimps have got a good deal of commonsense.

  ulrich 19:19 27 Jan 2008

Did you ever ride a bike dear FE? I in my 61st year went out in the sunshine today, I was warm as I had the right clothing on, and I bet I had more fun than the person daudling in front of me through Royston in their Smart car. I will go to work on it this week so long as it isn't icy or snowing, and will overtake all the traffic following lorries up the A10 in a safeway and certainly not over the speed limit, no Mobilephone to disturb me and if it is dark not like a lot of car drivers I don't mind putting my headlights on. The roads are a mess potholes all over and very worrying car drivers.

  laurie53 07:33 28 Jan 2008

Fine. I withdraw the remark.

  cycoze 09:59 28 Jan 2008

Riding my old 900 F2 on icy or snowy roads was no fun at all ! scary enough that i bought a car for those conditions.

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