If your face doesn't fit.

  ulrich 20:26 27 Jul 2007


  SANTOS7 20:29 27 Jul 2007

Don't spose you want to elaborate on that a bit more,
have you been offended in some way???

  sinbads 20:31 27 Jul 2007

whats the problem ?

  chocolate cake 20:31 27 Jul 2007

I think it was the thread on Vista earlier in the evening.

  Kate B 20:33 27 Jul 2007

I expect he's hoping for the same kind of response that crosstrainer got to his "I'm leaving" thread. Trouble is, flouncing can backfire on you.

  octal 20:33 27 Jul 2007

I can sort of understand where you are coming from. You've been on here for some time, why not do what I do and steer clear of the people who upset you, that's what I do, I'm quite selective on what threads I reply to these days, I find that's much better and less upsetting for me.

  Colin 20:52 27 Jul 2007

Hi, ulrich. Please don't take these things too personally. I've had a few locked threads which I thought was unfair, but there you go. I responded to your Vista thread, but I hope it was taken in good heart. Is it just me, or has anyine else noticed that the number of new threads appears to have decreased on this forum. I, like octal, am now selective as to what I post and respond to. There are a few members who have a self righteous attitude and seem to think they own this forum. But you get that attitude anywhere. I also think that the FE sometimes gets too involved, but that’s his prerogative. At least it’s well moderated. Overall, I still rate these forums as one of the best. No ridiculous avatars or including the whole of the thread to which they are responding to in their post. Who cares where you are from, how many posts you’ve made or how long you’ve been a member? We’re all equals here!

  crosstrainer 20:53 27 Jul 2007

I can understand yor statemet, youve had a thread locked, but my situation is different, have you had the kind of abuse that a member of my staff (and myself) suffered?

  anskyber 20:59 27 Jul 2007

crosstrainer had a good reason to post his concerns. This thread is more about a fit of pique.

I have no desire to re open the Vista debate, it was a debate about nothing anyway. I might as well have started one about not wanting to buy Magnum ice creams, hair colour for men, or a Citroen car since there are plenty of adverts out there asking me to do so.

Free choice, no compulsion, why stress over something I do not need.

  crosstrainer 21:00 27 Jul 2007

I was NOT looking for any kind of gratuitous "thanks", and was in fact very moved by all who responded. If you really believe that this was attention seeking then think again!

Look out, I'll post more kitten pics:)

  crosstrainer 21:02 27 Jul 2007

I'm going down to tesco shortly looking for a couple of retirement toys got most suggestions?

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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