if you know about pc's theirs no rest

  sunny staines 05:34 17 May 2007

I don't know a lot about pc's compared to some of our readers but my knowledge is improving over time reading the forum. The trouble is as i offer advice to people at work, friends, relations etc word gets around and i'm not stop these days helping people out which i enjoy these pc problems are like a big crossword to me at times but the the wife now moaning as all i'm doing is fixing and building other peoples pc's anyone getting this from the wife. had choice now.

  Monoux 07:41 17 May 2007

Change the wife - Problem solved - :o)

  Ranger 07:58 17 May 2007

Yes, I know where you're coming from, just this week I had the wife moaning at me because I was looking at three laptops and and a couple of desktops for friends, sometimes it's not even friend pc's i'm looking at but total strangers IE: friend of a a friend

  georgemac © 08:30 17 May 2007

I am the same and find it hard to say no. I enjoy helping friends but when it comes to "friend of a friend" I am going to have to learn to say no. Some people are very grateful for the help, but others just want their PC fixed, show very little gratitude and then expect you to be at their beck and call at any time for any other minor problem they have.

  oresome 08:34 17 May 2007

I've a solution!

Turn it into a business, charge realistic rates and watch all the potential work disappear.

  jack 08:40 17 May 2007

oresome wrote
I've a solution!

Turn it into a business, charge realistic rates and watch all the potential work disappear.
That's right. If you are that good then the price must be right.
My little clan know my price for an hour or so -
A bottle of Malt- haven't bought my own for a few years now.
Thats the happy medium.

  georgemac © 09:03 17 May 2007

I never ask for any payment, but that is usually the token of appreciation I get as well, not malt but my favourite white rum

I could never make as much from a PC repair business as I do from my normal job so not an option for me.

Mnnd you, it can be a lucrative business, I watched House of Horrors on Tuesday night, where they loosened the graphics card in a high spec PC, which had been fully tested and all components were working perfectly.

The PC repair man turned up in a high spec BMW, took away the PC, removed half the RAM, the high spec graphics card and replaced it with a cheap one, removed the high spec PSU and replaced it with a cheap one, and charged over £240 I think the fee was!

  Colin 12:33 17 May 2007

I used to be in the same boat, never got paid or recompensed. The next time I said I wanted something in return, a 6 pack or similar, the answer I got was that they thought that because I enjoyed it that was payment enough! Then they expect a life time support package and for you to be able to diagnose over the phone as poor Jemima just has to do her homework by tomorrow. How many of us have spent hours at a party/get together looking at little Johnny’s PC whilst everyone else is enjoying themselves? What really bugged me was the fact that most problems were self inflicted and down to stupidness. Back up? Install disks? Don't you have them? The same must apply to mechanics, plumbers etc. Rant over!

  Shortstop 12:35 17 May 2007

But, unfortunately, that is still more than my children & their friends!

A while ago I was given a problem PC to resolve & did so [basically, CCleaner + A-squared + Anti-virus] and now everyone assumes that I have a degree in PC repair :o)

I understand others' frustration at lack of thanks and how quickly people can come back with a problem. What REALLY hacks me off is that some people imply that it is because of a 'repair' I did some months before or ask one of my daughters for help but ask her NOT to say that it is their PC as I only fixed it a short while beforehand [like I won't recognise the PC!!]. I then discover that they have been downloading from dodgy sites which - in one case - disabled the AV. Naturally, this was still my fault!

Never mind, it's a hobby & one I actually enjoy as each problem is training for me and of course, if I don't know the answer there's always this forum!!! [Yes, I have told people to come here - but they won't & still bring me the PC like I have a magic wand!]



  recap 12:54 17 May 2007

Monoux - Change the wife - Problem solved - :o)

I did, now the new woman in my life is giving me grief even though like me she is an IT Manager.

  Stuartli 14:24 17 May 2007

>>I did, now the new woman in my life is giving me grief even though like me she is an IT Manager.>>

Like buses, there'll be another one along shortly...:-)

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