if you like cruising

  sunnystaines 09:01 08 Sep 2010

watch this short video clip

click here

  MAJ 09:27 08 Sep 2010

Brilliant, sunnystaines. Did you notice the related video click here and the captain's exclamation: "Sheet!!!"

  Quickbeam 09:31 08 Sep 2010

Did the plam court orchestra carry on playing...?

  sunnystaines 09:34 08 Sep 2010

yes nice ending to that clip.

  sunnystaines 09:35 08 Sep 2010

not sure if the captain at the bar at the start of the clip or the fat person in the background is the funnist part

  Woolwell 10:19 08 Sep 2010

Actually that was quite dangerous and I am very surprised about the lack of lashings on the truck and the fact that the tables were not secured. Perhaps cruise liners do not secure for sea. Broken bones could have easily happened.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:23 08 Sep 2010

Oooh I feel ill now


  Esc4p3 12:53 08 Sep 2010

Wow....I have been in a force 9 in the bay of biscay on the old P&O Arcadia, and although the people swayed badly, the furniture stayed put!

  Brumas 17:55 08 Sep 2010

Brings back terrible memories for me. I was in a force 10 in the middle of the Atlantic, one could look forward and literally see nothing but sky then the sickening lurch and all you could see was solid water.
I was a galley boy and I was scrubbing the pantry floor when the Captain’s steward brought in the coffee pot and slipped it into the mounting on the wall. The gale was so severe we were told we were going to turn into it to ride it out a bit better, with that there was a terrible lurch and a drop and next I knew was the coffee pot had jumped out of it’s mounting and belted me over the head. It was still boiling hot and a quarter full with one inch of coffee grounds on the bottom.
Nobody really knew what to do, the chief steward tried brushing the coffee grounds off my chest but all he succeeded in doing was to remove the flesh with it! He then wrapped the whole area i.e. back of neck,arms and front of chest in penicillin gauze bandages. All the time this was happening the mat I was lying on was moving side to side, only to be stopped by 2 or 3 blokes laying on the deck to anchor it!
I was left in the bandages until we reached Montreal 10 days later where I was rushed to hospital, by then of course the second degree scalds had suppurated and set solid so they had to cut them off me - I still have the scars and DO NOT like coffee to this day.
The National Union of Seamen didn’t follow it up and I was too green to push it afterwards, but I digress!

  sunnystaines 18:14 08 Sep 2010

sorry to read your story was that during the war convoys?

  sunnystaines 18:22 08 Sep 2010

just read the story in the telegraph did not know their were some serious injuries.

surprised to see it was a P&O ship

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