If you are one of the people who email me

  Forum Editor 18:10 23 Mar 2009

about spam posts, I need your understanding.

There is a dedicated corps of forum members who regularly email me when they spot spam posts. As requested, they mark the thread or post 'FE notified' and send me a link. It works well, and I'm grateful for the help - I've been in the habit of sending a 'Thank you' response to everyone for years.

Spam posts have increased enormously over the past year, and as a consequence I'm getting dozens of email notifications - it's a daily routine, and responding is becoming a time-consuming process.

From now on - and I hope you don't mind - I shall act upon all notifications, but I shall cease to acknowledge individual emails unless there's a specific reason to do so. Please don't stop spam-spotting, but please mark the thread, so others don't duplicate your notification. Sometimes I get multiple notifications about the same post. Just post a quick message in the thread saying 'spam - FE notified'.

Thank you - in advance - for your cooperation and continued support.

  MAT ALAN 19:16 23 Mar 2009

Taking your time out to eradicate these tiresome posts is enough for me and i am sure i speak for ALL that between us we can keep this forum as a benchmark for others to follow...

  Geronimo. 19:19 23 Mar 2009

good idea FE your time is valuble, np's!

  Totally-braindead 19:28 23 Mar 2009

Read and noted FE, point taken, I'm sure you get many emails about each spam post and it must be very time consuming to respond to loads of people for each spam post.

  wiz-king 19:29 23 Mar 2009

Aye Aye - Captain

  laurie53 19:31 23 Mar 2009

It's we who should thank you for being so diligent in keeping the forum "clean".

  WhiteTruckMan 20:20 23 Mar 2009

just send a quick thank you to the person who first posts a 'spam-FE notified' post in a thread?


  wiz-king 21:29 23 Mar 2009

He does - lots of them! Thats the trouble - it doubles the amount of work -- 1) delete the offending post 2) send thank you e-mail, can quite understand if step 2 is omitted.

  Forum Editor 21:42 23 Mar 2009

Much obliged.

  Forum Editor 21:46 23 Mar 2009

I do send a quick thank you, but sometimes I receive dozens of emails about the same post, and as a matter of courtesy I have always tried to respond to each one. I felt that if people could be bothered to write to me the least I could do is respond. The way it works at my end means that I'm not always aware of who it was that first posted the 'FE notified' message, and nowadays the spam load is rapidly increasing - it's part of the the price we pay for being successful.

  Newuser38 21:52 23 Mar 2009

Completely understood and I will remember the FE notified which I have not been doing.

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