If you are English, make sure you wear a rose

  Bingalau 17:57 20 Apr 2009

on Thursday. Let's build up this day and make it bigger and better than Paddy's day, Andy's day or Taff's day. Get your English flags out on the cars. Ask your local brewery to sell Red and White beer etc. Get clogs on and do a dance in Lancashire. Let's see Morris dancers everywhere. Push the government for a public holiday. After all we already have two in May so one more just before won't make a big difference.

  Quickbeam 18:02 20 Apr 2009

What if I inadvertently offend someone or another...?

  Forum Editor 18:05 20 Apr 2009

Are you mad?

In my experience national days seem to be mainly of benefit to the alcohol industry.

  Legolas 18:10 20 Apr 2009

I can assure that St Andrews day is not a big day in Scotland. Hardly anyone celebrates it and Scottish TV seldom have any special programming so you wouldn't have to do much to beat it. I don't know about St David's day in Wales, it seems to me that the only Saints day that is really celebrated is St Patrick's day and most of that is in the USA

  Pesala 18:54 20 Apr 2009

Is it William Shakespeare day again?

  peter99co 19:07 20 Apr 2009

I even fly a flag!

  Bingalau 20:12 20 Apr 2009

peter99co. So do I. Have done for as long as I can remember. Legolas. I don't know how the Scots in Scotland celebrate it but they certainly do when they live elsewhere, along with a heavy session on Burn's Night and Hogmanay. As for the Welsh, well there is always a big waving of leeks and daffs. and lots of them singing "Take thou this rose, this lovely English flower, and stick it where Paddy stuck his ninepence.." So that's why I think we English should celebrate our day a lot more... Besides it's another good excuse for a booze-up. As is Paddy's night etc.

  laurie53 20:19 20 Apr 2009

I do believe that Will Shakespeare was born, and died, on St Georges Day.

If Burns had been born, and died, on St Andrews Day we'd be p****d for a week every year up here!

  Quickbeam 21:19 20 Apr 2009

I'm just watching Kenneth Branagh's version of Henry V to get into the mood.

Cry God for Harry etc...;)

  gardener 22:20 20 Apr 2009

What are you so proud about?

  Forum Editor 22:37 20 Apr 2009

Perhaps he's simply proud of being English, as is his right. It's not something that you, or anyone else has a right to question, and I think we'll leave it at that.

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