If work is so great

  SG Atlantis® 18:45 31 Aug 2006

why do they have to pay you to do it.

I have been called lazy and selfish because I'd jump ship to another employer who offered more money without a second thought. That I didn't care I was leaving my current employer short staffed (I served my notice) and he pleaded with me to stay.

I'm a hard worker with a family to support, why shouldn't I jump ship for more money?

Also because I said....

You do your work and get paid, you owe your employer nothing else.

and that employers buy your labour they don't buy you.

Apparently my attitude is making Britain a laughing stock, but, wait there's more - my attitude is becoming more prevalent in Britain.

Why is that?

  ulrich 18:58 31 Aug 2006

I went through a bit of a rough period, and I packed in my job with the present employer twice, but he would not accept it. I am a 59yr old apprentice doing something I've never done before, he has kept his faith in me so I will pay him back in anyway I can. I could do with more money{single parent}, trust is more important.

  Forum Editor 19:01 31 Aug 2006

I'm not sure.

I was the person who made all those disparaging remarks (you already know that, but others might not), and I made them because I felt your attitude encapsulated a lot of what's wrong with British commercial life today. There's no reason whasever why you shouldn't move to another job for more money, but perhaps your own words should be here, so people appreciate the context.

What you actually said (and what prompted my response)was:

"You turn up for your shift, do your work and get paid. You owe your employer nothing else! If something better comes along you jump ship as I have done, I handed in my notice with a huge big smile on my face. The boss wasn't too happy, but tough, as I'm leaving him even more short staffed, I don't care."

I didn't call you lazy by the way - don't put words into my mouth. What I said (again so that people can appreciate the context) was:

"People who think like you do are becoming more and more common in Britain, and it's partly why our country is such a laughing stock in so many other places throughout the world. We have a reputation for breeding lazy, apathetic workers who are intent on getting the most out of their employers without putting anything back. When I go to the Far east I meet workers who realise that the world doesn't owe them a living - they know that if they work hard and show loyalty to their employers it will pay dividends in the end - they would be horrified to hear the kind of stuff that you've posted."

As I've already said, I have no idea why your attitude is becoming more prevalent nowadays, but as someone who speaks to lots of employers in the course of my work I can assure you that it is. That's not to say that you're in a majority - you're not - but you have certainly expressed views that I'm told are on the increase. It can't all be because of bad employers can it?

  €dstowe 19:06 31 Aug 2006

I employ nineteen people. Any of them are perfectly free to leave at any time, provided they fulfil their contractual arrangements, because I know that there are plenty of similarly qualified people gasping for an opportunity to work. I would never plead with anyone to stay because I know that they have a reason for leaving and that I am unable to provide whatever it is they want.

I am not bombarded with people wanting a job (like I was when I was based in London) but I get at least two requests every week to offer employment. So, even if I was left in the lurch, I could fill any vacancy with little or no problem.

  anchor 19:08 31 Aug 2006

SG Atlantis®: I agree with you. In this day and age many employers seem to think nothing of making staff redundant when trade is slack or profits need a boost.

Loyalty to an employer is very good, but at then end of the day you have to think of yourself and your family. I assume you told him/her why you were leaving, and he/she would then have had the chance to increase your salary. Obviously, they did not.

  Altruist 19:09 31 Aug 2006

I think you have an attitude problem. If you have a good employer, what about loyalty?

  €dstowe 19:10 31 Aug 2006

From reading replies her (sent whilst I was writing my contribution) there seems to have been some preliminaries expounded elsewhere.

Can you put a link in please as I haven't seen it.

  anskyber 19:12 31 Aug 2006
  anskyber 19:13 31 Aug 2006

Thats for you.

  oresome 19:13 31 Aug 2006


And of course that's the nub of it. Supply and demand, and increasingly on a global scale.

Only the public sector seems immune to these forces.

  anskyber 19:18 31 Aug 2006

Its also simmering here click here Time that SG had a quiet walk around the block I think.

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