If the wife finds out.

  Blackhat 08:41 17 Feb 2012

A line from another thread regarding how much was spent on a gadget. I fully concur. My new camera body (£898) was only a few hundred in the sales she thinks, my desktop was put together in the local shop from spare parts for a couple of hundred quid (cough).

Is this a common trend amongst us men?

  Quickbeam 08:46 17 Feb 2012

That works both ways, shoes and handbags never cost more than a quarter of what they really do:)

  Quickbeam 08:49 17 Feb 2012


  Quickbeam 08:51 17 Feb 2012

I just narrowly escaped a black eye for posting that!

  canarieslover 09:04 17 Feb 2012


When I said the same thing once, it was three days before the swelling had gone down enough to see anything!!!! I'm just as guilty though as my computers and fishing rods are never very expensive either. Just little white lies to prevent any upsets and while we are both telling them it doesn't do anyone else any harm.

  morddwyd 09:20 17 Feb 2012

I am with my wife when she does most of her shopping, and I do all her on-line shopping for her. I have never, nor would I ever, commented on the price, and whenever she asks me to help her to make up her mind between two or more items I always say get them both (all) and she usually does.

As i have posted before, whenever I want a new bit of hit, whether printer, laptop, camera etc. she invariable tells me to get the best I can afford.

Perhaps that why we have lasted 50 years and counting!

  Bingalau 11:49 17 Feb 2012

Yes morddwyd, it's the one thing that is probably the cause of most marriage failures. Money. My wife and I never argued about it. We had a joint account and both used it as required. We both put our money in to it and took it out... If she took out a lot more than I did it mattered not, because it is only money and as long as I had enough for what I wanted we were both happy. My main problem now that she has gone, is how to spend it before I go. (no begging letters please, It's a problem I like having).

  HondaMan 12:14 17 Feb 2012


Couldn't agree more. We never argue over money and, like you we have a joint account into which all money, apart from her investment income,goes. We each have individual savings accounts as well and the rule is that whatever happens in those accounts is up to the account holder.

  spuds 12:47 17 Feb 2012

Scrooge started out being very mean, then ended up giving with pleasure and satisfaction :O)

But what as already been stated, its only money. But it still doesn't or shouldn't stop us from looking for a bargain or good discount, if you or your partner are that way inclined?.

  HondaMan 12:59 17 Feb 2012

"But it still doesn't or shouldn't stop us from looking for a bargain or good discount, if you or your partner are that way inclined"

My father used to go shopping for the Sunday joint at 5.15pm on a Saturday. In one pocket he had a £5 note and in the other coin s to the same value. On seeing a piece of meat, he would "negotiate". His opening gambit was something like "I only have £X with me". The butcher would invariably sell him the joint as otherwise it was in the 'fridge until Monday or even Tuesday. Obviously, this was before 7 day opening.

A friend of mine bought a computer from DSG. The local PCW didn't have it, but he could get it at Curry's. Because he had to get it himself, he negotiated a fairly hefty discount with the store manager. Curry's? He drove past it to get to PCW and again on the way home!

  lotvic 13:03 17 Feb 2012

When you get a bargain or good discount it means you can then buy something else with what you have 'saved'...

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