If only Gordon Brown had waited....

  canarieslover 08:07 19 Jul 2011

....we may have been a bit better off. Gold at record high

  john 52 21:00 19 Jul 2011

I have always maintained politicians are subject to circumstance whichever party they are from and like anyone they make a decision in good faith and hope its the right one unless its a complete error in judgement like the Andy coulson affair which was blindingly obvious it was wrong

  Condom 01:07 20 Jul 2011

I have several nice pieces of gold which I bought over the years in Thailand. Most were bought for about 4000 thai baht for 1 baht of gold (Having the currency and weight of gold with the same name is I know confusing) and I believe the price is now circa 21000 baht for a baht of gold. A nice profit but this is real gold and not the stuff most shops in the UK pass of as gold.

Maybe one day I might sell it but I actually bought it to wear.

  cream. 09:20 19 Jul 2011

and if Maggie hadn't squandered all the hundreds of billions of oil revenue and sales from assets of utilities and banks. We would be in clover.

  spuds 09:21 19 Jul 2011

" Gold at record high"

Apparently not at some cash for gold places. A recent investigation by various Trading Standards and consumer advice outlets, strongly suggests that the prices being offered are far well below the going fair rate.

In fact, some of these places have been told that they must get their act sorted, or face possible prosecutions.

  Aitchbee 09:34 19 Jul 2011

Does that mean when I go to the dentist and he fits me with another gold crown the price will be significantly higher?(I've got three already..the last one 2 years ago cost about 150 quid).

  interzone55 09:46 19 Jul 2011


Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing.

And you don't think that a couple of hundred tonnes of gold hitting the market would drop the price somewhat.

Which is something that Clegg doesn't seem to have considered with the proposed share offer for the part-nationalised banks.

We'll all get £1,000 of shares for example, and once the price hits a certain point we can sell them and the Government gets the £1,000 and the seller gets the profit, less the share dealers commission. I wonder if Clegg has realised that the minute the price goes above the threshold a massive number of the shares will hit the market, immediately dropping the value...

  canarieslover 10:03 19 Jul 2011

alan14text It was only to show that hindsight is far better than a crystal ball, plus a bit of wishful thinking.

  gengiscant 10:36 19 Jul 2011

'In fact, some of these places have been told that they must get their act sorted, or face possible prosecutions.'

I presume these words were uttered by yet another of the countries many 'of' bodies. why cannot these people not just act instead of issuing an implied threat,which no company takes a blind bit of notice of.Oops silly me I forgot they were just set up so the great unwashed felt that the government actually gave a dam. These toothless bodies are a waste of space and money.

  wee eddie 11:10 19 Jul 2011

I don't think that Gordon Brown will be that happy.

As Chancellor of the Exchequer, he flogged about half of this Country's Gold Reserve, when the price was at a record low.

  wee eddie 11:18 19 Jul 2011

Incidentally: for those that seem to think that one Party is good and the other bad.

That Gold Reserve was built-up/increased by Maggie Thatcher, not squandered.

In Politics there is rarely one "Correct" Option. You just choose one that, in your opinion, has fewer downsides than all the others.

All Politicians, ultimately, want a favourable mention in the History Books

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