If only..

  Grey Goo 15:15 18 Apr 2012

It's a nice thought, however I shall keep my shovel and bucket ready in case a Rocking Horse passes.

shake your tin here

  wiz-king 15:20 18 Apr 2012

Wow - just seen a flying pig.

  Aitchbee 16:10 18 Apr 2012

Sacrificial lambs (everybody with pension plans) don't have any say in the matter.

  spuds 16:47 18 Apr 2012

Compensation. Don't forget, we are all in this together. So what one gets, another is entitled to the same :O(

  spuds 19:31 18 Apr 2012

When "The committee has asked the bank to provide detailed evidence for that claim", it can usually mean the committee have serious doubts!.

(I am only going on televised Parliamentary Select Committee broadcasts!)

  lotvic 19:37 18 Apr 2012

'We recommend that the Government consider whether there are any measures that should be taken to mitigate the redistributional effects of quantitative easing, and if appropriate consult on them at the time of the Autumn Statement.'

Hmmmm, Okay Dokey, that's alright then....

  Terry Brown 19:57 18 Apr 2012

I seem to remember PM Harold Wilson, devalueing the Pound and we was told

'This will not affect the pound in your pocket'

Some things never change.


  morddwyd 21:23 18 Apr 2012

Don't be so cynical.

I have every confidence that the government will "consider" this, as requested.

They will then confirm that we are all in this together, and we must all bear the pain.

  Snec 22:43 18 Apr 2012

My pensions news has been a grim all round this year and savings/investments aren't doing that well either. Fortunately though as I get older I seem to spend less without even trying so I reckon I should be okay so long as I don't overstay my welcome on this mortal coil by too long.

The real problem is that until this country changes the, now deeply flawed, political system there is not going to be a way out for future generations. I worry more about them than I do about today’s pensioners.

We're selling off the country bit-by-bit. It's alright for people to say it does not matter who owns the companies so long as they are successful and employing UK workers. It does matter and it matters a lot.

Many companies that were paying taxes in this country are now not.

One example, (and there are many) before it was taken over, Boots paid around £890 million per year in British tax. Now that it pays its tax in Zug, that figure has shrunk to just £90 million.

There is no wonder that madness seems to be on the increase in politics these days as more and more British companies vanish overseas. These wide-boy politicians are not going to admit it because admitting it would not get them elected, but they know that the ordinary taxpayer, including pensioners, cannot make up the difference.

Until this political system is changed, there will be no answer. On it’s present course the UK is heading back to the dark Victorian days with just two classes: The rich and the workers (no middle class) and a major part of the workers role will be to pay tax, there won’t be any surplus money for pensions.

  Condom 23:02 18 Apr 2012

This month my OAP will rise by the 5.2% from September's inflation figures which is good news but I wasn't expecting my NHS pension to rise, despite it supposed to be an inflation linked one, as working staff are getting nothing. This morning I was advised that it is also going up by 5.2% so I am doubly pleased but her indoors is not as her salary has been frozen.

Will I refuse this rise...your darned right I won't as it will help offset the miserable interest my savings are making and assist in my potential loss through the "granny tax".

  finerty 18:23 19 Apr 2012

i be very cautious knowing them they probably give a penny compensation

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