If Only!!

  spuds 22:03 07 Jun 2007

Have you ever thought how powerful these two words can be, and how it could have made a difference to you or someone else?

Care to share any experiences?

  Kate B 22:05 07 Jun 2007

If only I'd been braver about a relationship seven years ago ...

  laurie53 22:16 07 Jun 2007

So, Kate B, would you still be in it, or would you not still be in it?

  Kate B 22:21 07 Jun 2007

We'd still be together, I'm sure. It's a very long story.

  Totally-braindead 22:24 07 Jun 2007

This question reminds me of that Sliding Doors film, whether you liked the film or not it was interesting how a small difference can change your life.
Don't choose to share any of my experiences as whats past is past, you have to live in the now, if you make a mistake then hopefully you learn from it if nothing else.

  Brumas 23:13 07 Jun 2007

Without sounding too churlish ,I should imagine a certain set of parents are saying this to themselves over and over again.

  Z1100 23:51 07 Jun 2007


  [email protected] 02:34 08 Jun 2007

i could probably sit here for a good few years stewing about all my 'if onlys'. sometimes i feel myself drifting into that negative frame of mind, and fight it.
what is done has gone and is in my past, why worry about it? i certainly cant change it now. i just try to learn from past experiences as they are part of what i am today, the most important thing i have learnt in recent times, very true of myself, is most people are as happy as they decide to be, and if im not happy in the morning, it's my duty to myself to correct that, there and then.
the present and the future are what i can guide and steer, i am unable to undo my past, so i try to sweep it away, and this works for me.

  wee eddie 09:34 08 Jun 2007

I'm sure that you don't dwell on it for long, as "adman 2" suggests, it's remarkably unproductive.

  Kate B 09:36 08 Jun 2007

I think so long as you have your "if onlys" in perspective, it's fine to indulge in a little wistfulness occasionally. But that really depends on where you are in life now.

  Sapins 10:39 08 Jun 2007

Just happens to be our quiz team name!

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