If The Matrix ran on Windows

  Colin 11:21 11 Nov 2008

I found this amusing:

click here

  MAJ 11:58 11 Nov 2008

But imagine if, instead of XP, it was Vista:

Hi Neo. Wanna cuppa?
Yes Please, Morpheus

Ok, I'll put the kettle on:

.......... UAC has detected you want to put the kettle on: Do you want to do this? Continue.

Now where did I put those teabags, Neo? They were in the kitchen cupboard.

They're still in the cupboard Morpheus, but the cupboard has been moved to the bathroom for security reasons and your inconvenience (excuse the pun).

Where's Trinity today?
She's gone Morpheus, her drivers weren't updated.

etc. etc. etc.

  Condom 17:42 11 Nov 2008

The truth is often stranger than fiction!

  royalflush 18:59 11 Nov 2008

Its had to be made around Vista more than XP, I loved this clip great thread Colin!!

  dagnammit 20:19 11 Nov 2008


I loved the cookie line.

  wolfie3000 21:24 11 Nov 2008

"The truth is often stranger than fiction!"

you dont know the half of it lol.

click here

Irony is it only runs on windows.

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