if it was you or me...............

  Seth Haniel 14:23 21 Aug 2007

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Singer Pete Doherty has had charges he breached bail conditions dropped.

When will justice ever be delivered ?????

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:28 21 Aug 2007

Quelle surprise /yawn. The moron is a one-man train crash in slow motion and the sooner he leaves the earthly rails the better...providing he doesn't take anyone with him. I am sick of seeing his wan, ill, staring, confused mug looking bewilderedly out from the papers. I await his obituary which will not be too long coming.


  crosstrainer 14:28 21 Aug 2007

I agree, seems that if you have a large car, and a famous partner, you get away with everything.

Having said that, it seems this was a technicality which will be rectified.

Never been a fan of the band, but if he needs help, then he should get it.

  Seth Haniel 14:47 21 Aug 2007

can see his epitaph now..

here lies a nobody
good riddance


  hereford456 15:41 21 Aug 2007

If he wants to go out on a high, then let him.

  Cymro. 16:06 21 Aug 2007

Pest posting on this one so far F.M.
I would have thought that the police, CPS etc. would be less likely to go in for favoritism with someone so well known. They may be fulls to let him get of on a technicality but I don`t think they would want to let themselves be wide open to accusations of favoritism.

  Cymro. 16:08 21 Aug 2007

For fulls read fools

  lisa02 16:53 21 Aug 2007

He's a filth bag, who cares?

I don't and he's probably too stoned to care himself.

  xclr8r 18:57 21 Aug 2007

Total waste of time....and his music is bloody awful as well.

  Forum Editor 19:26 21 Aug 2007

handed control of her business life to her father a while ago, and he handles the finances. I'm quite sure he vowed that whatever else he did he would ensure that this man didn't get a chance to dig into his daughter's money.

  Seth Haniel 14:39 04 Sep 2007

Doherty sentencing is adjourned

Doherty is the lead singer of Babyshambles
The sentencing of musician Pete Doherty has been adjourned after he failed to appear in court due to receiving treatment at a rehabiliation clinic.
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