If I were a rate payer I would not be happy

  sunnystaines 09:31 08 Mar 2009

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When money is tight in hard times I would not be impresses with a council wasting cash like this and would be asking the councilors what are they doing about it.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:41 08 Mar 2009

I've had a number of these, and I can hand-on-heart honestly say that designer lamp posts have not featured in any of them.


  Quickbeam 10:04 08 Mar 2009

should one lamp post design cost any different to another?

Once you've settled on your design, and tooled up to produce that design, manufacturing costs should be fairly similar with only the material and time costs to re-factor.

I did read somewhere else that this cost is several times a 'normal' lamp post, so I assume that they are paying an over the top designer fee per lamp to an individual laughing all the way to the bank.

Had they gone to their local art and design college, they could have got a design for the prize value to the winning student. The winning student would have a nice cash prize and an excellent addition to their CV.

  last starfighter 10:12 08 Mar 2009

i belive its a council trying to be smug!
lets look better thant the rest...

this is a example of sheer irresponsibleness!
i would love too see in the near future councils having to get the tax payers who are local to them's approval to spend money, instead of some decision maker approving it, they should be a new law that is transparent to its local public where what they spend & where its spent has too put before the tax payers so we know whats the moneys been spent on & how, then WE the public cannot criticize our local councils..

  oresome 10:54 08 Mar 2009

Lamp post design does add to the character of a place and many of our towns would be worse off without the elaborate designs of previous generations found there.

Think of it as an investment for the future and a statement of our confidence in the future.

It would be a drab country if all designs were simply functional.

  Forum Editor 10:56 08 Mar 2009

Let's all be incredibly sensible, and put dull, utilitarian lamposts in our towns, rather than anything innovative. Then we can all sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that nobody is ever likely to visit and admire us for our sense of style.

In Victorian times towns vied with each other to see who could have the grandest, most stylish (for the times) buildings and street lights. These are the very buildings and street lights that are now listed and protected all over the country.

Won't it be great for our great grandchildren when they look at the buildings and streetlights that we bequeathed them? That's if any of the mind-numbingly boring boxes and concrete posts are still standing by then.

Well done, Kent County Council, for having someone who has a sense of design and style in the town planning department.

  carver 11:04 08 Mar 2009

I rather like them, it looks like money well spent on some thing different that will improve the looks of the area.

From the looks of the design I think that you would be have to be about 10 foot tall before the curve bothered you.

Or is it because it's a square design the guide dogs are getting splash back.

  Bingalau 11:10 08 Mar 2009

I've never seen a guide dog urinating in a public place.

  carver 11:56 08 Mar 2009

You want to get out more, and most of their owners haven't.

  sunnystaines 12:44 08 Mar 2009

I presume Kent County Council is flush with cash and there was only a minor rate increase this year.

I would like to see councilors given the opportunity to vet spending projects and some of these high paid pc jobs councils are creating.

  carver 12:55 08 Mar 2009

If you read the article fully you will notice this little bit

"These lights are part of a much bigger regeneration initiative to transform Ashford, which is largely funded by the government through Growth Area funding.

"The money for the lights was committed long before the present economic circumstances, where everything is being done to reduce costs.

Once some thing like this is commissioned you can't just back out of a contract, it would cost a fortune with no gain.

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