If I never hear this phrase again

  Sapins 19:47 16 Jan 2006

It will be too soon.

Wireless Networking.

ALL of the "easy steps" have gone completely wrong. I think Harry Potter has gotten to the Wizards and discumknockerated them.

I can use the internet on both computers and I am leaving it at that.

  Forum Editor 19:52 16 Jan 2006

to be defeatist Sapins.

Drink some wine, let the world take a turn or two, and post a new thread in Networking. I'll try to sort it out with you, but if I fail to respond in a timely manner (as Microsoft would have it), and nobody else has helped, feel free to prod me with an email. I'm sure that there'll be plenty of help though.

You can do this.

  Sapins 19:57 16 Jan 2006

Thanks for the vote of confidence FE, but I'm literally worn out trying to set this up and for the time being I am not going to touch it.

I'm taking your advice re the wine though.

Maybe later in the week when Ive made a restore point first on XP and installed GoBack on the 98SE PC I just might have another go.



  Kate B 20:28 16 Jan 2006

Sapins ... I expect I'm way off beam here but I and a friend and then another friend with a computing science degree who does development for Google wrestled for DAYS with my router when I first got it, tearing our hair out, swearing, on the phone to India, shouting and generally increasingly at odds with the world. Until one friend looked at the cables and discovered that instead of plugging the ethernet cable into the ethernet port we had all missed the fact that some idiot (er, me) had plugged it into the analogue modem port ...

Moral of the story - check every single cable is in the right place!

  rmcqua 21:22 16 Jan 2006

Now you all have me worried. I'm going to a work friend's house next Sunday to set up her wireless network with 2 PCs and a laptop. Her 13 year old son is a computer genius (my definition of him) but she doesn't trust him to do the job. I think I'm going to end up extremely embarrassed.

  Forum Editor 23:46 16 Jan 2006

well, that plus the inordinately daft way that manufacturers make assumptions about degrees of computer literacy.

Nothing new there, so let's all set sail on a voyage of discovery together. You post the thread, and I'll provide the help. Let me know when you're ready, and we'll crack it. You, too rmcqua, if you get stuck.

  DrScott 09:32 17 Jan 2006

Isn't the FE sweet! What a luverly community here in the PCA forum :)

I think I was lucky. My wifi was really easy to setup, though actually I haven't setup a network. I'll attempt that when I get round to building a desktop... perhaps I'll be back here then, clutching a bottle or two of red!

  rmcqua 12:02 17 Jan 2006

Thanks FE.
I will post the (almost) inevitable horror story next Monday !

  Sir Radfordin 12:46 17 Jan 2006

My experience of wirelss networking is fairly mixed. Have yet to set up a system that has "just worked". The D-Link one I did was the simplest, apart from the (brand new!) PC that didn't recognise a tested and working network card.

A Netgear setup at the weekend was fine until I tried to put a PCI network card into a Windows ME machine. After 7 hours of trying to trick it into working I gave up. Whilst I could get the network to function, the driver for the network card stopped IE or Outlook Express from loading.

Even when I have got a wireless network up and running they never seem to function 100% of the time. One Linksys router I had wanted a reboot nearly every time you wanted to view a different web page. Sometimes just logging onto the admin page was enough othertimes a full switch off/on was needed.

Great concept just not very reliable.

  HondaMan 14:25 17 Jan 2006

It took me 3 days, plus a fat pament to "an expert" to set mine up. It only lasted 1 day and went down again. After another 3-4 days, I managed to get it up again - the network - and now I know just enough to ressurect it should it g down again.

Moral? Don't give up. The secret is in the networking section of your firewall.

  Sapins 15:08 17 Jan 2006

Thanks for all your replies, I have started another thread in Networking, everything crossed,



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