If anybody thought the UN had any credibility

  Belatucadrus 12:28 12 May 2007

Then think again, they've just appointed the chairman of "the UN's commission on Sustainable Economic Development (CSD)".
Rather than select somebody competent to run this august body, they again revert to their tried and tested favourite AKA Bugginses turn and picked the country with perhaps the most catastrophically inept, corrupt system in the world, let alone Africa.
Yes folks the UN deems Zimbabwe fit to map the worlds path to sustainable development, they could hardly have picked worse if they'd gone for North Korea.
If you ever wanted proof they're just a bunch of bureaucrats feathering their own nests, this is it, it's so pathetic I could cry.

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  MichelleC 12:34 12 May 2007

A favourite expression in Africa is 'I am hungry, give me something small'. This is voiced by the well-off as well as the poor. Nest-feathering is alive and well.

  Kate B 12:44 12 May 2007

Hmm. Obviously there are huge concerns about Mugabe's Zimbabwe, but perhaps the thinking is that this might encourage Zimbabwe to become a responsible member of global society? Treat someone - or a nation - like a pariah and they will act like one. Treat them as a member of society and maybe, just maybe, they'll start taking part.

  Belatucadrus 12:57 12 May 2007

Come off it Kate B, there's a world of difference between trying to engage a corrupt pariah and giving him control of a body that's supposed to provide the world with a road map for future development. They've gone from Africa's bread basket to a shattered wreck incapable of feeding their own population or paying the electricity bill. In what conceivable way could they be deemed fit for purpose ?

  Kate B 13:46 12 May 2007

I'm just pondering an alternative scenario, not defending Mugabe and his government.

  Forum Editor 13:51 12 May 2007

on the part of the UN. The government of Zimbabwe has an appalling human rights record, no respect whatever for international law or the UN, and is making no attempt at sustaining its own population, let alone making a contribution to any debate on sustainable development.

The country will make no progress towards becoming a responsible member of global society while it suffers at the hand of the despot Mugabe - an 83 year old tyrant who publicly warns anti-regime activists that they will be "bashed" if they make trouble. My sympathies lie with the ordinary people of Zimbabwe, those who have seen a vibrant country, full of potential, descend into some kind of hell. Half the school-age children no longer get any education at all. Inflation is currently running at 2200%, and life expectancy is now the lowest of any country in the world - 34 for men and 37 for women. Mugabe has warned the Bishops that because they have spoken out about his corrupt regime he no longer regards them as 'spiritual' - a sinister sign that he will not hesitate to use violence against them in the future.

Corruption has permeated every level of national and local government, and all official bodies. This is no longer a country in which even the most basic of human rights is respected.

The people in the UN who are responsible for this lunatic decision should be sent to live in Zimbabwe for a couple of years, so they realise what is actually happening there.

  Legolas 14:14 12 May 2007

FE I agree with everything expressed by you.

I could barely believe my ears this morning when I heard this on the news. I cant begin to try to understand what drives Mugabe to take a country which once helped to feed Africa and turn it into a waste land.

If he had shown any move towards changing then this responsibility handed to him by the UN might have made him think twice about his actions but he presses on with his tyranny despite condemnation from around the world.

Giving him this responsibility will only make him think in his twisted mind that he is an acceptable and respected ruler.

Whoever made this decision in the UN should be made to go and live in Zimbabwe and see at first had what is going on.

  spuds 14:53 12 May 2007

Having been involved in the activities of the UN ruling powers and their terms of engagement,in a number of 'wanting' countries. I am not surprised in the least, this decision was approved and made.

The role of the UN is in need of intensive re-organisation or total disbandment.

  Forum Editor 15:01 12 May 2007

that it is 'insulted' by the misgivings being expressed by western politicians. I hope it is - it deserves to be insulted as many times as we can possibly manage.

  Spark6 15:35 12 May 2007

but I believe Australia are still debating the issue of their cricketers touring Zimbabwe.Surely it's a no brainer!

  Forum Editor 16:00 12 May 2007

It should be, but we're talking about Australia, the land where cricket is more important than more important things.

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