IE8 to launch in early 2009

  Clapton is God 12:40 21 Nov 2008

click here Bloody hell, slow down Bill. Some of us are only just getting to grips with IE7. ;-)

  carver 13:03 21 Nov 2008

Been using it for the past couple of months and it's good.

  Forum Editor 16:24 21 Nov 2008

for some months, but I'm somewhat underwhelmed - it has several irritating faults at the moment.No doubt they'll be sorted out before launch day, but in the meantime I'm being unfaithful with another browser - Google Chrome's the girl for me at the moment.

  Pineman100 18:28 21 Nov 2008

Are all webs browsers feminine?

I've tried Chrome several times, and I really like its interface. But it's definitely slower at rendering web pages on my XP computer than IE7 is. I can't understand why.

I believe IE8 is to have to the same feature as Chrome, in which all tabs are actually independent instances of the browser, so that a crashed tab won't mean a crashed browser.

  laurie53 20:30 21 Nov 2008

How does IE8 compare to IE7?

I am one of those who found IE7 so dreadful I reinstalled IE6.

Am I stuck with it for a bit longer?

  AL47 20:34 21 Nov 2008

i think i will always be a firefox person

its just so useful

youtub downloader
google preview

and loads of other less useful addons, plus the ones i havent found, and its pretty

  amonra 20:37 21 Nov 2008

Can you do a brief side by side comparison of IE8 and Google ? Please ? pretty please ???

  AL47 20:43 21 Nov 2008

i tried chrome was too basic, and gave up on ie a fair while ago

  Charence 21:47 21 Nov 2008

me too.. I have IE6... don't use it though. I always had the feeling that IE7 was using more and more memory the longer I kept the program open.

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