IE7 - Standards Test

  dth 16:17 12 Dec 2005

Has anyone tested IE7 against this standards test?

click here

Just curious to see how well it does.

  PurplePenny 18:32 12 Dec 2005

The IE 7 developers have already said that it will not pass the Acid Test 2; but Firefox and Opera don't pass it either.

I'm just very grateful that the development team decided to take on the HTML & CSS issues; the stated reason for the early development of IE7 was security so they could have left standards support till a later release.

  Forum Editor 19:21 12 Dec 2005

as part of my beta testing of Windows Vista, and I'm hoping to see some changes when I get the next beta version.

  PurplePenny 19:37 12 Dec 2005

I shan't ask: I already know that even the threat of unimaginable horrors will not loosen your tongue. I'd offer to bribe you but I can't afford Le Manoir.

  ade.h 19:59 12 Dec 2005

Regarding Vista; when MS eventually releases you and the other Beta1 testers from your contractual shackles, will you let us know your thoughts on the new OS?

As a regular early adopter of new MS OSs, I'd love to read some expert assessments in the next few months.

  DieSse 23:19 12 Dec 2005

Opera has almost passed - Safari has passed (but the version that passed is not released yet) - iCab (for Mac - at public Beta stage) - and Konqueror (open source). Firefox close behind. click here

Konqueror and Safari are both based on on KHTML page rendering.

Open Source software out in front here, methinks.

  PurplePenny 23:51 12 Dec 2005

According to WaSP the release of Mac OS X 10.4.3 on October 31st made Safari RSS (version 2.0.2/416.12) officially the first public release, non-beta, non-preview browser to pass the test.

  Forum Editor 00:41 13 Dec 2005

If only I could.

I think that Vista will give up its secrets before too long, and that will include IE 7 of course.

Now MS Office 12, there's a Non Disclosure Agreement of ever I saw one. I'm into my second week of serious testing on that now, and I must say........but then I mustn't, or they'll do something terrible to me, like take away my First Resource beta tester's rugby shirt, and I wear that around the house all the time.

  DieSse 00:57 13 Dec 2005

Yup - quite correct - it's not the easiest it on info to spot n the WaSP site - and I missed it (I plead old age only) :-))

  dth 09:10 13 Dec 2005

Thanks for the posting. Intereting as usual.

  Chegs ®™ 09:20 13 Dec 2005

Konqueror my well have passed a test,but the governments Job Centre site still won't display in it,you do get a nice popup advising that you use Internet Explorer though. :-)

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