octal 17:59 18 Apr 2008

Is this really true? Are there still people using IE3 browser?

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  Forum Editor 18:01 18 Apr 2008

it is true.

  lisa02 18:01 18 Apr 2008

I don't think you will find them on here, though some of residents use win98 so I wouldn't be surprised if there was.

  octal 18:05 18 Apr 2008

Crikey! I'm horrified, no wonder there's so many security problems on the net. But surely a lot of the web sites don't work properly on these old browsers anyway, or do they? Maybe they do, that's why they are still used.

  Forum Editor 18:11 18 Apr 2008

lots of people still using IE3, there are also plenty of people using Windows 95. I know one man - a writer - who says he sees no reason at all to change.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 18 Apr 2008

Still use DOS5 and windows 3.1 on some of our PCs at work as the old software will not work on the later operating systems.

  antony.dandrea 19:06 18 Apr 2008

Why should people by the most up to date versions of windows. Microsoft keep updating windows and computers are getting more powerful by the day. Its like having a mobile phone with loads of gadgets on it. why have all these when all u want to do is call people and send texts. is the same with computers. if you use your computer to type reports maybe, or other documents, then is it reallly necassary to have 2Gb of RAM and a Quad Core processor?

  octal 19:13 18 Apr 2008

I don't think it's a case of buying the most up to date version of Windows just for the sake of it, but more like making sure that you security is current to protect yourself from being attacked because you are using am old un-patched browser that's no longer supported.

  mrwoowoo 19:15 18 Apr 2008

Spot on.
Why upgrade for upgrades sake?
Yes i have a quad core pc,but only because i couldn't upgrade anymore,and needed to play my FPS games.I only upgade when i can't do what i want anymore and so pop in a new gpu and away i go.
If all you want is surfing and a bit of office work then why pay money for a powerful pc?
As for mobiles,all i do is make calls and text.
Even a cheap pay as you go phone does that,so thats all i have.

  antony.dandrea 19:16 18 Apr 2008

But there are some that will pull every string possible to get the latest stuff. theyll try to be clever and do al these fake cheap versions of sofware.

  wiz-king 19:28 18 Apr 2008

I have that as well - one of the Win 3.1 PCs died last week with hard disk failure. This has caused a big headache as the software we run on it wont work on more 'advanced' versions of Windows, I have tried 95,97,2000 and XP and it wont work.

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