I.E 7, free for pirates

  mrwoowoo 02:14 07 Oct 2007

Microsoft are now allowing anyone with windows xp or 2000,(even pirated copies)update to I.E7.
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  mrwoowoo 02:20 07 Oct 2007

Ooops,i hit enter by mistake(O:!
They seem to be worried about losing out in the browser market to firefox and opera e.t.c.
Oviously they want domination in this area as well as their operating systems.
Maybe they are doing there bit to keep the web more secure and virus free as i.e7 is more secure than i.e6.
Seems sad to me though that they have chosen to conceide a bit of ground to pirated software.

  Forum Editor 09:12 07 Oct 2007

I don't think this signals a concession to piracy - it has more to do with helping to prevent the spread of viruses and malware. Microsoft has always declared that it would do this, it's not a new policy.

  spuds 10:54 07 Oct 2007

The money Microsoft make on their products, they can afford to give somethings away for free ;o)

  Jimmy14 13:27 07 Oct 2007

IE7 isn't anything to shout about anyway, far from it. Took them years to produce it. In my opinion this is a move for more market share.

  Forum Editor 16:11 07 Oct 2007

"In my opinion this is a move for more market share."

I disagree that it's the prime motivation behind the decision, but even if it was, what's wrong with that? Internet Explorer is the world's most-used browser by far, and although people have been a little slow to adopt IE7 it has around 50% of the total IE market share.

  Jimmy14 17:13 07 Oct 2007

Maybe it isn't the prime motivation behind the decision but I feel it is certainly one. I am not saying theres anything wrong with it I just said that is why I think they done it. It is the worlds most used browser but not the worlds best or fastest. Safari is so much faster, Firefox has a lot more features and so on.

  Forum Editor 17:40 07 Oct 2007

I use both Safari (for Windows and Mac) and Firefox, but my personal favourite is still IE. We all have our preferences, and to be honest they aren't always based on total objectivity - sometimes we use things just because we like them.

Browser wars are nothing new - many people will vividly remember the competition between Netscape and Internet Explorer, back in the 1990's. People argued for their favourite then, just as they do now.

  Jimmy14 22:38 07 Oct 2007

not personal opinion.
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  Forum Editor 22:50 07 Oct 2007

The 'fact' that Safari is a fast page-loader isn't in dispute - that's well known by anyone who uses it. Speed isn't everything however, and I certainly prefer IE to Safari any day. So do most people - In September Safari had a tiny market share at around 5%. Contrast that to IE which had almost 78% and Firefox with 15% and you'll realise that although Firefox has certainly gained ground it still has a very long way to go.

During the past year Firefox has certainly captured market share - to the extent of around 3% - and it's captured it entirely from Internet Explorer. Microsoft can certainly find nothing to rejoice about there, and in their shoes I would be doing everything I could to halt the decline.

  Bob The Nob© 19:01 09 Oct 2007

I prefer Firefox but I still use IE6 now and then as I refuse to laden my Firefox with plugins which make it a nice and fast browser.

My Experience with IE7 was very very slow and I just thought it was IE6 with a task bar within itself as it took just as lng to open a new window. Yes the security is better but I didnt like it that much.

As for giving it away to pirates for free, MS also let everyone download Critical updates without disabling their windows but you may get a nag pop-up now and then so giving IE7 away is litle a critical update.

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