The Idolization Of Micheal Jackson

  Zari 20:13 04 Jul 2009

It's too bad that a great talent is gone. Many great talented people have left us in the past, but it seems that the way the world is reacting to MJ's death is sickening. There are more people cashing in on his death fame right now, that his parents should be ashamed of themselves. People sobbing and whining in the streets is enough to make your lunch come up. All his fans,excluding me,because i do not care for his music, have turned out to worship him like he was some kind of god. Police having to block off streets because of the cash cow that has been created goes against all decency of what a funeral is all about. I have worked in the funeral business for quite some time and have never, ever seen a farce that has been portrayed over the death of this one man. This last concert of his is only going to start trouble. People will not act civil at this concert and trouble is a brewing. The last big farce of a funeral all started with Princess Diana. Same thing,moaning and whinning and crying in the streets. And thats nothing compared to what the big fuss is over a singer. The world had better start worshipping The Lord Jesus Christ more than trying to make MJ look bigger than Jesus. Peolpe have put on a sickening display of idol worship in the last few weeks over this guy than is necessary,because there is no necessity for it. Our fighting men and women are dying all over Iraq and Afghanistan, and not many tears have been shed for them lately except for the families. God must be shaking his head right now because His children have forgotten Him. Bury him and get it over with. And for you Jacko fans,"GET A LIFE" Quit whinning and crying over your own pity party.MJ is in GOD'S hand now so keep your hands out of it.All the sobbing, mopping and crying is not going to bring him back.

  rdave13 20:20 04 Jul 2009

Now that is one of the best rants in a long time. I agree with a lot of what you say.
Such 'mournings' have been seen long before the deaths of such people as Princess Dianna or Elvis even, I suspect, it's just human hysteria.
It will no doubt fade away.

  AL47 20:28 04 Jul 2009

im not religious so dont share alot of your views,

on the armed forces bit, you sign up for the armed forces knowing its a dangerous life threating job, ill say no more

i have no problem people worshipping others, tho myself wouldnt worship anyone because no one imo deserves it

to me mj was an icon for pop music, i like his music and it is instantly recognizable and pretty unique, i would actually think he may be liked [not idolized] by more people than who like jesus, well in the uk anyway

  Sparkies2 20:32 04 Jul 2009

What will Sky news make of the funeral??
Totally over the top is my guess

  dagnammit 20:41 04 Jul 2009

You worshipping an invisible, unproven entity is worse than those idolisers you talk about.

  dagnammit 20:44 04 Jul 2009

Oh and it's Michael not Micheal.

  dagnammit 20:44 04 Jul 2009

Oh and it's Michael not Micheal.

  JYPX 01:29 05 Jul 2009

No doubt some of you will have seen the short film of his concert rehearsal. What makes it very sad, for me, is not the timing, which was a couple of days before his death, or his ravaged face. It is the fact that, against all the odds, he still had it , and that just possibly, the concerts would have been sensational.
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  Bingalau 09:56 05 Jul 2009

dagnammit. Thanks for pointing out that common misspelling of a common name. It always annoys me when I see it. I have a son in law named Michael and he always spells his own name wrongly. How weird is that?

  Cymro. 12:49 05 Jul 2009

Religion is no longer the opium of the people and a good thing too I say. The problem is that religion has been taken over, in the Western World at least, by the idolisation of celebrates. It is not even a particularly new thing did not several women commit suicide when Rudolf Valentino died. On that basses I wonder if the same thing may not happen with MJ death.

  User-1229748 13:11 05 Jul 2009

a quick search of the forums for the op results in not a lot but seems to be recommending everyone should be reading the bible.not suggesting that it is a bad thing but i feel people shouldn't try to convert people in forums such as these.let people find out for themselves whether they are to follow what the bible preaches.the car park at my local church has designated car parking spaces for the top brass,full of top of the range sports coupes and the like,must be a pretty well paid job yet a lot of the congregation havn't got two halfpennys to scratch their backsides with.

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