Idiot on my forehead

  spuds 18:14 28 Feb 2006

Do you ever feel like you carry a big sign attached to yourself, which displays 'Idiot'?.

Over the past couple of weeks I have had dealings with builders,council officers and computer repairers.Each case I have gone in the ring thinking that I am on a winning streak, only to find that the other person is far more cunning than myself.

Speaking to the builder the other day, I could have sworn that when I looked into his eyes, I saw a cash register ringing up vast amounts of ££££ signs. His theory of work on hand seemed vastly different to that of my theory. The same applied to the computer repairer.

Please don't ask me about the council officers.(I am on my third box of Kleenex tissues).

But don't you ever feel like going into this big wide world,thinking I must be an Idiot. Everyone else seems to think that!.

  watchful 18:20 28 Feb 2006

Never mind, we all know that's not true. Better to go around thinking that all the others are idiots and you're the only sane one amongst them.:o)

  anskyber 18:20 28 Feb 2006

As a former Chief Officer with a Council perhaps I can offer some insider dealing in terms of the knowledge you may need! (PS. no I do not mean speaking to contacts to fix it for you in case FE is in any doubt!)

  anskyber 21:06 28 Feb 2006

Sorry to have put the hetz on your thread spuds.

  spuds 12:36 01 Mar 2006

I must be right that I am the ONLY idiot out there. Dont seem to be getting many responses :o)

Thought someone would have had a nice tale to tell!.

Tick as resolved.

  eqskey 13:07 01 Mar 2006

Far from it spuds, everyone nowadays thinks that they are 'wide'(as in wide-boy)<I suppose many are ' wide ' in body size>.
To get many responses to a post ...well that's another story. lol

As regards to computer repairers,some are very good at holding on to your pc for at least a week and then bill you for that amount of time.Not bad when you consider that all they did in the end was change the Cmos battery(35p).

This is an easy ploy especially when you consider that many 'simple' people dump their telly and buy a new one;they could have replaced the plug fuse instead!!!.

  007al 18:44 01 Mar 2006

Youre not the only `idiot`!
I once did some work as a sub contractor,where the contractor had gone bust before the job was completed.I was assured by the customer that if i finished on time for him,that i would get paid direct.Guess what!.....

  namtas 19:45 01 Mar 2006

Shortcuts and bodges appear to be the way of the modern world, at least they have been in my case. I have had contactors look at me as if I just stepped off the moon when they have been pulled for bad practise or shoddy work.

  Chegs ®™ 18:29 02 Mar 2006

You are definately not alone in thinking you have "Idiot" written upon your person...

I used to run a private hire minibus.I was booked to take a pub darts team out to a match and collect them at 10:00pm.I received a call on my mobile asking if I could collect them at 11:00pm instead.I agreed,but when I went to collect them at the new time they were adamant that I should refund the fare as I was late.They even tried to get me to give my bosses home number(except I was the boss)so they could report me to him,and when I pointed out that I personally had a)taken the call from **** and b)it was my own business, and c)they could all now walk home as I didn't want such obnoxious so & so's in my bus.As I drove off,I also asked if I had a flashing neon sign on my head stating "Gullible Idiot" :-)

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