An idiot leaving news comments

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:07 01 Aug 2009

Anyone else noticed that there appears to someone rather stupid (I'm being charitable here), using names beginning Levitra, leaving nonsense comments on the news stories? Whoever it is, he or she is clearly in need of a great deal of help with spelling!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:14 01 Aug 2009

Someone is bored on this wet Saturday morning.

Have you informed FE?

  lotvic 13:22 01 Aug 2009

Levitra is medication used to treat *** men

(I had to google to find out ;-))

Who is the brave soul that is going to inform FE?

  interzone55 14:26 01 Aug 2009

Why the stars?

I didn't think impotent was a naughty word...

  Forum Editor 15:50 01 Aug 2009

He already knows. There's a high volume of these spam messages on the site at the moment, and they'll have to wait until Monday, when we can do a bulk deletion.

  lotvic 17:18 01 Aug 2009

sorry alan14, *** were meant to indicate a sort of pause, not to replace any word.
(Hard to convey humour without facial expressions)
I was still laughing at the results of the google search :D

  interzone55 17:31 01 Aug 2009


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