Idiot drivers in the snow and ice

  DANZIG 20:56 30 Nov 2010

This morning I drove to work in the snow. Relatively clear roads up here in Huddersfield (for now!), but what annoyed me was the drivers who had not cleared their cars of snow.

One woman, yes it WAS a woman :-), had expertly cleared her windscreen, well her half of it anyway!

A load of snow stuck to every other window and her lights, a ton of the stuff on her roof and I could see her leaning forward wiping the inside of the windscreen.

There were a few others such as this on my relatively short journey to work, not as extreme, but still in my opinion irresponsible.

What is it with drivers in this country?!?!

I think, by posting this, I have just turned into my Dad. hap to happen sooner or later I suppose!

  Quickbeam 20:58 30 Nov 2010

But can you dance like your dad?

  DANZIG 20:59 30 Nov 2010

Unfortunately my dancing is EXACTLY the same as my dads, IE - embarrassing! Not exactly Michael Jackson, more like Jesse Jackson!


  Forum Editor 21:07 30 Nov 2010

is less one of idiot drivers, and more a case of inexperienced drivers.

It's not their fault that most people under 40 years old have never had to drive in 'real' snow. Our climate has changed to such a degree that for many years - at least in the southern half of the country - we haven't had much snow to speak of. Couple that with the facts that in the big cities roads are kept pretty clear when it snows, and that motorways are how we traverse the country nowadays, and you have a recipe for people being caught out the first time they encounter an appreciable snowfall on the roads.

  peter99co 21:22 30 Nov 2010

They need to get the message now though because it is against the law to drive with snow on the roof. A quick bit of breaking and they would be blind. Probably then rear-ended by the next "learner"

  daisy2bell 07:18 01 Dec 2010

And another thing, when on a hill ( with snow or ice) where it is very narrow, give way to the ascending driver.It infuriates me when people descending hills try to force their way.

That's my rant over. Stay safe.

  carver 07:54 01 Dec 2010

We have about 18" of snow here and for the past few minutes I have been watching a man trying to get his 2 wheel drive car along the road, the snow is that deep it's like watching a comedy film.

The worst part is that he has now closed a road because of his actions, I had to go out last night and our 4x4 has the lot, snow tyres, diff lock, 4 wheel low gearing and I still had problems and this idiot thinks he can get about in a 2 wheel drive.

  Quickbeam 08:51 01 Dec 2010

But the world still goes on, we can't all work from home as some can and with Christmas just around the corner, most can't afford to just sit at home for a week until it all blows over (I doubt that a week will be enough anyway).

As in the other thread criticising truck movements, we would be in dire straights after two or three days of no supply movements.

But we'll manage with our mainly front wheel, two wheel drives, which incidentally are several times better than the rear wheel drives that we all had the last time we got this much snow about 30 years ago... but I still have a shovel in the back just in case.

  carver 09:22 01 Dec 2010

If the driver had set off with just a few of the basics, snow shovel say he might have been able to dig himself out, or if he wasn't trying to be a snow plough, because that is what he was, the snow is so deep.

And as for the world goes on regardless, so it does but if he had had an accident and hurt himself or some one else who then has to rescue him, the good fairy.

  jack 09:53 01 Dec 2010

Very few vehicles have moved into from my road and are sill covered in snow- the reason being that this road is very close to J1bM25[A282]which is blocked solid both ways subsequently stalling the whole area.
As I write two valiant souls were digging out a car opposite and have since driven off.
I wonder how far they have got?

  Armchair 09:59 01 Dec 2010

I've left the car in the diveway. Haven't used it since November 22nd.

I could clear the snow off it, but there's nowhere left to pile it without causing inconvenience to other steet residents. Even if I did clear it, I don't fancy my chances of getting out of the back street and onto the main road. My destinations probably have clogged carparks, too.

Just glad I don't have to drive anywhere.

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