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  iscanut 17:37 16 Mar 2011

Have just had an email from IDG asking to complete short survey and go in draw to win £100 Amazon vouchers. One question asked for income details and needed a compulsory answer. I declined so will not be in the draw !

  TopCat® 17:45 16 Mar 2011

Same here, iscanut. I never answer details like that so was unable to complete the survey. TC.

  Forum Editor 18:01 16 Mar 2011

but I doubt that they included a request for "income details" - you were more likely to have been asked to select from a list of bracketed figures.

There's nothing sinister about it - lots of surveys ask for the information because it helps people like us to offer readership profiles to potential advertisers. There would be no point in trying to attract ads from Rolls Royce if most of our readers were earning less than £10,000 a year.

The information is not disclosed to anyone at all; we use it to compile statistics - 'X% of our readers are between the ages of A and C, and are earning between £D and £F per annum'

It's obviously entirely a matter for you to decide whether or not you provide income information, and you decided not to.

  Pineman100 18:03 16 Mar 2011

I shouldn't bother filling it in now, anyway. I've just done it, so I'm certain that the £100 vouchers are already winging their way towards me.


  sunnystaines 18:54 16 Mar 2011

never got the email

  morddwyd 20:42 16 Mar 2011

Good job you declined.

They also go on to ask for your e-mail address, far more likely to be open to abuse that your income selected within a £10k bracket!

The odds have improved bt two.

  Forum Editor 01:00 17 Mar 2011

Well obviously they do. It's the quickest way to notify you if you win. Why you should think that makes it "far more likely to be open to abuse" is a complete mystery to me.

As I've already said - we don't pass your information to a third party, so how would it be open to abuse?

  morddwyd 08:11 17 Mar 2011

I;m afraid I was being sarcastic.

I meant abuse from hackers and scanners not PCA!

  QuizMan 08:25 17 Mar 2011

What a suspicious lot we are. I merely asked myself "would I like to win £100?". Plus, "do I trust PCA?". The answer to both was yes so I filled it in.

Sorry, Pineman100, but you have competition for the prize!

  wiz-king 08:35 17 Mar 2011

Well you would - wouldn't you.

  finerty 18:32 18 Mar 2011

well its good you declined its a choice to complete and not to complete these so called surveys i find some of them annoying

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