Identifying a gully trap type

  johndrew 16:41 04 Sep 2012

I have had difficulty in identifying the type and manufacturer of my gully trap. Recently I noticed the rubber bung which covered the rodding eye hole has disappeared (probably flushed into the drain and taken a long dark journey!!

The trap is made completely of plastic, is square at the top where the grill fits into four locating pegs at the corners. Further down it changes to a round section which has a solid shroud covering the outlet which protrudes above the water level but leaves a gap at the bottom for water to flow; it is in the top of this shroud where the hole where the rubber bung should be. The hole is about two to two and a half inches in diameter.

The trap is cemented into the path and would take substantial effort to replace, so if I can get a replacement bung it would make life easier - even if I need to buy a complete trap to achieve this.

Can anyone help?

  Forum Editor 17:23 04 Sep 2012

From your description I think you have a square top bottle gulley with a rodding eye. Possible manufacturers include Marley, Osma, and Hunter.

  wiz-king 18:27 04 Sep 2012

First stop - Measure the hole exactly. Second stop - your local plumber/builder merchant Desperation if all else fails - make a wooden bung very slightly smaller and paint it then wrap with insulation tape to get it an exact fit.

  Grey Goo 20:29 04 Sep 2012

You can get bungs for motorcycle exhausts to stop water entering when washing. You may be able to get one large enough and cut it at the correct point on the taper.Using one in the washing line holder at the moment.

  Aitchbee 20:52 04 Sep 2012

Self-amalgamating-tape (it's black and sticky & about an inch wide...I used it as a BT engineer for temporary joint closures) wrapped around the DIY bung as hinted by wiz-king might help to provide a good seal for a few months.

  johndrew 10:16 07 Sep 2012

Many thanks for all your replies.

I have been searching against suggested manufacturers (and suppliers) with no success at finding a drawing/picture that remotely resembles the item - I think my next option is to visit all the builders merchants in the area.

As for making a replacement, I have considered various materials/methods but have rejected each on the grounds of complexity, longevity and/or effect to the system if lost again.

I have also looked at using a suitably sized rubber ball which appears to be viable as, unless forced into the downstream side of the trap, it cannot be lost due to its size.

Many thanks to all again.

  cruiser2 15:53 07 Sep 2012

If you get a new bung, can you not attach it to the grid with wire or a chain so that it cannot go down the drain

  woodchip 18:20 07 Sep 2012

It may be made by this firm

Click this link

  johndrew 10:21 14 Sep 2012

I have confirmed the item is by Osma and spares can be purchased - no price yet, builders' merchant computer system has failed!!

Many thanks to all for your help.

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