Identification and proof of residence.

  canarieslover 16:47 23 Jul 2010

I received the notification for the renewal of my use of a local service. They wanted a copy of either a utility bill, a bank statement, a benefits payment notice or a driving licence. As I use the internet to pay all my bills and opt for paperless billing and also have paperless banking it doesn't leave too much option. I'm not on any benefits so its a good job that I drive, isn't it? Should I abandon my efforts at being 'Green' and go back to getting paper bills and statements just so that I prove who I am and where I live?

  Forum Editor 18:33 23 Jul 2010

why should you do that? I expect you have a passport, and you can soon get your bank to send you a copy statement.

People do this every day, it's not usually too much of a problem.

  spuds 18:59 23 Jul 2010

Be careful, because things like this can get rather complicated.

One of my neighbours daughter's as just returned home, and by doing so as made a change to the council tax calculations on the property they live in. The 'jobsworth' at the council refused to accept the neighbours over 60's bus pass with photograph, that the council had supplied. But accepted a recent printed-out utility bill, as proof of identification.

You just couldn't make it up :O(

Isn't there a charge for bank and perhaps other statement copies nowadays, especially if you have signed up to paperless?.

  canarieslover 20:18 23 Jul 2010

Afraid the passport was not on their list of acceptable proof of identity and residence, perhaps because it does not show one's address. Most utility & banking services offer a carrot to go paperless and, as far as I am aware, like to charge for a hard copy once you have opted out of them.

I'll tick as resolved as I'm off to Majorca in a few hours and I elect to holiday minus computer.

  TonyV 20:31 23 Jul 2010

I pay my utility bills via the internet, but can also get a copy of my Power bill from there if I so desire!


  canarieslover 20:39 23 Jul 2010

I've been to Fuerteventura in May and I've booked for Lanzarote in November so I felt in need of a change.

  caccy 20:44 23 Jul 2010

Anthing other than a stamp on a paper receipt is "vapour-ware" and is not realy "real".
Always insist on "paper". You then have proof of where you live, who you are and also that you have actualy paid!!

  Forum Editor 22:07 23 Jul 2010

If only I had such strength of will.

  BT 08:14 24 Jul 2010

You can usually print out a copy of your bill from the utility providers website. Certainly I can print out my British Gas electricity and gas bills and my Virgin Media bill, and can also print out a copy of my statement from the bank, which was perfectly acceptable to my solicitor when doing conveyancing.

  the hick 10:21 24 Jul 2010

When trying to open an account for daughter, a well-known Building Society asked for two documents to prove her identity, and a further different two documents as proof of her address. I pointed out, this was a bit difficult with no passport and too young to drive! They could not give examples of what to take either, so we went to a different bank.

  wiz-king 10:34 24 Jul 2010

I have a similar problem, I have been doing a job for years but now the government agency that regulates it has decided that I have to supply a couple of utility bills and copy of a photo ID - I can just about find the utility bills as they are not all done on-line but the photo ID I don't have one - I don't have a driving licence and never have had, my passport ran out about 25 years ago and the photo does not look like me anymore (what me got old - never). Stalemate.

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