Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 76

  Brumas 20:58 25 Apr 2008

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Welcoming the troops home or waving them off into battle? To me they do not look British, maybe they are Anzacs – I’m not even entirely convinced the location is in this country?

Unposted with the, as usual standard template on the back and nothing else, no date or message or anything!!

  Woolwell 21:03 25 Apr 2008

Escort for the person in the carriage?

  bluto1 21:09 25 Apr 2008

Evening Brumas, again. I'll just wait around for
our mate. Nice lad really.

  Bingalau 21:13 25 Apr 2008

Brumas. It looks to me like an escort of some sort for the lady in the carriage. The troops look like South African, the spectators look typically British. The buildings look British to me. The policeman has a non British hat on? weird! Is it a policeman?

  bluto1 21:15 25 Apr 2008

There's a mounted soldier near the centre of the photo with a fairly large badge on his uniform.
They're not British, and my first thought was that they were Austrian. Be nice if someone with a sharper eye than me could check the flags.

  Bingalau 21:18 25 Apr 2008

I don't think they are Canadian Mounties are they?

  WhiteTruckMan 21:19 25 Apr 2008

look like the boy scouts paramilitary branch!


  bluto1 21:22 25 Apr 2008

That's not a badge on the soldier. The policemandefinitely looks British with Sergeants stripes on right arm. My reason for thinking Austrian is the large flag with only 2 colours. Austria's is red and white. Could it have been a visit to Britain?

  Bingalau 21:25 25 Apr 2008

Do they have chimneys like that in Holland? I think the flags are just different coloured bunting put up for the occasion. Some have triple colours and some only have two colours. I think the badge on the sleeve is just a badge of rank i.e. Sergeants Major. Is it perhaps Queen Wilhelmina of Holland being escorted through a city?

  Woolwell 21:25 25 Apr 2008

Wrong hats for Mounties. Australians rather than Austrians?

  Macscouse 21:32 25 Apr 2008

My first thought was Austrian troops, It looks like wild boar tufts on the hats. Perhaps the policeman was presented with it.

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