Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 64

  Brumas 20:58 22 Feb 2008

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A poignant slice of social history, does it commemorate the end of The Great War perhaps? The building looks quite unique so should prove pivotal in locating the scene, if it is still standing of course.

Unposted with the, as usual standard template on the back and nothing else, no date or message or anything!! The numbers 1403 are enclosed within the space for the stamp

  Earthsea 21:10 22 Feb 2008

I think the woman's whispering something to the man on the left.

  Coffee Adict 21:17 22 Feb 2008

I think she might be a nun, there's a temperance hotel next to the butchers.

  bluto1 21:21 22 Feb 2008

Good evening Brumas, as usual a tickler.
I wish I could fill in the name on the shop front "The London C,,,,? Meat Co...
Pioneers ////, Retail Merchants(probably)

  Bingalau 21:25 22 Feb 2008

Lightened it up a bit. Don't think there is enough room for the word "Temperance" in the notice. I think it looks more like "Esperance" if there is such a word? A right scruffy looking bunch of service men though. So there's no Bootnecks there. My spellchecker never picked out the word "Esperance" so maybe there is such a word too. Out dictionary now to check up.

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  Coffee Adict 21:30 22 Feb 2008

Could be hidden behind the structure, which I think is a fountain, full name could be The Central Temperance Hotel.

  Woolwell 21:32 22 Feb 2008

So far the only thing I can state is that the sailor on the right seems to be a one badge Stoker which doesn't help find the location at all!

  Bingalau 21:36 22 Feb 2008

There is water gushing out near the bottom of the monument. May have been originally designed as a horse trough?

  Bingalau 21:42 22 Feb 2008

What about that lamp-post design? Looks unusual too. The weather looks a bit on the windy side as the flags seem to be flapping wildly. Maybe it's been raining. Perhaps that accounts for their general untidiness.

  Woolwell 21:43 22 Feb 2008

Looks more like a decorated well. Derbyshire?

  bluto1 21:52 22 Feb 2008

I wonder if the presence of RN personnel and also the White Ensign point us towards Portsmouth, Plymouth ???

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