Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 32

  Brumas 21:59 05 Oct 2007

This postcard was posted 20/07/1925 unfortunately the rest of the date stamp is indecipherable. It captures a fine aerial view of a large coastal town clearly showing how flat the area is.

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  Mark5001 22:12 05 Oct 2007

I do have a feeling this is Southport, Merseyside. Been there only once but the extra long pier is what made me decide on it.
Probably wrong but worth a shot.

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  Brumas 22:20 05 Oct 2007

On the second link there appears to be a road bridge to the right of the pier, crossing a canal or enclosed stretch of water, which isn't evident on the postcard.The pier does look very similar though.

  octal 22:50 05 Oct 2007

I'm not so sure it is Southport, the land looks all wrong:
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  tullie 22:56 05 Oct 2007

Cant be Southport,the tides in

  Bingalau 23:17 05 Oct 2007

Nothing like Southport which doesn't have a river running on the southern side of it that I know of. (Except for the River Alt which is about five or six miles south at a guess. Shape of coast is entirely diffferent too, as pointed out in fourm member's contribution.

  octal 23:19 05 Oct 2007

Are you sure it's in this country? The houses don't look right, they've got a continental look about them.

  Brumas 23:53 05 Oct 2007

The 'logo' on the back of the card shows an old biplane with RAF roundels, so I suppose it probably is British.

  John B 05:52 06 Oct 2007

Quite a few to look through click here

  Mark5001 08:35 06 Oct 2007

The pier in Southport goes right into the town centre as well I am led to believe, and this one stops on the beach. So I think I an wrong as usual.

  octal 09:22 06 Oct 2007

What about this? click here

The above was taken near RAF Lee-on-the-solent where the Jul 17-Jan 1919 Naval Seaplane Training School was based, which may account for the bi-plane. The shot is looking east over the town of Alverstoke where there was a pier to take passengers from the train to the Isle of Wight.
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The pier was built were the existing IRB station is now located.

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