Identification Longshot/Talking Point 96

  Brumas 20:57 25 Jul 2008

Good Evening All
This is NOT one of my new style puzzles i.e. it is a mystery also to me and I do not know its location :o(
This little mystery was in amongst a bundle of postcards that has just recently come into Fran’s possession.
There are absolutely no clues on the back of this standard, divided back, unposted postcard.
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  Mark5001 21:56 25 Jul 2008

First thought of Stamford,Lincolnshire.
click here
Second photo down.But the houses don't look quite the same.

  mrwoowoo 22:15 25 Jul 2008

Houses look similar to aylesbury street, fenny stratford sheep market.
The fact that the photo is taken in a different position makes it harder.
I think this is going to be a very hard one.
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  mrwoowoo 22:17 25 Jul 2008

Try again.
click here

  Mark5001 22:55 25 Jul 2008

That does look promising.

  Forum Editor 23:09 25 Jul 2008

look like Southdowns to me, if that's of any help.

  Brumas 23:17 25 Jul 2008

That does help, at least we know what part of the country we are searching.

I was going to post "The Lord is my shepherd" but thought you might take offence and thought better of it ;o))

  Bingalau 09:09 26 Jul 2008

The only thing that looks unusual to me are the type of hats being worn by the men, I would have thought farmers always wore a type of flat cap. There is a big difference in the roof tiles on some of the houses.

May I also comment on the FE's participation, I can't remember it happening before. Although of course, I am not usually right in anything to do with your puzzles Brumas. What's the difference between Southdown sheep and Northdown sheep? I always thought a sheep was a sheep.

  Quickbeam 09:31 26 Jul 2008

If you look towards the end of the roww of houses, there appears to be one with a 'Dutch' style roof... So possibly a Fenland brick village.

Can you imagine the complaints from 'incomers' if we had markets like that now outside your house:)

  Quickbeam 09:52 26 Jul 2008

The shop with canopy also looks 'Fenlands' by the style of the upper ornamentation and bay window.

There's also a few bricked up windows,they obviously didn't approve of the dastardly window tax.

And the dog, centre picture looks very 'streetwise'...

  Brumas 10:28 26 Jul 2008

"And the dog, centre picture looks very 'streetwise'..."
only you Quickbeam, only you......;o))

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