Identification Longshot/Talking Point 83

  Brumas 20:55 13 Jun 2008

Good Evening All.
Many thanks for Crosstrainer for stepping into the breach – it is nice to be back.
These two were in an old glassine envelope, which gradually disintegrated as I was examining it. Written in copying ink pencil I could just about make out - London, 2 views of dear old…… The next letter was either an F or an E, it was far too gone to be able to say!
A standard postcard back, unposted and yielding no further clues.
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  spikeychris 21:02 13 Jun 2008

Its Burnley town centre – photographed last week.

  dukeboxhero 21:02 13 Jun 2008

Evening Brumas good to see you back

  csqwared 21:02 13 Jun 2008

Welcome back, I take it the Mac thingy is now up and running and causing nomore headaches. Just had a brief glance at the two images and that must be "Freeman, Hardy and Wil(l)is" on the right hand side of the image 2. Not that conversant with London but no doubt the other stalwarts will be along shortly. In the meantime I'll keep studying.

  octal 21:04 13 Jun 2008

It's defiantly London with the old General bus in the background in the second photo, beyond that I'm having difficulty.

  octal 21:09 13 Jun 2008

In the second photo it looks to be an Underground entrance on the left.

  dukeboxhero 21:10 13 Jun 2008

Freeman Hardy Willis was shoe shops bases in
Leicester went on to be Trueform, Olympus Sport, Curtess, Dolcis, Manfield, Saxone and Lilley & Skinner. The name was also changed to simply 'Freeman Hardy Willis' in order to have bolder lettering on shopfronts.

  octal 21:10 13 Jun 2008

And the building in the second photo is a hotel according to the sign.

  Brumas 21:15 13 Jun 2008

"I take it the Mac thingy is now up and running and causing nomore headaches"

I think I am getting there - at least the headaches aren't as severe :o)

  csqwared 21:23 13 Jun 2008

Building on right on image 3 has a "Claymore Whisky" sign on the top but I can't make out the sign above the window (using photoshop). It looks like a public house or some such and I thoght the last word was 'Bar' but there seems to be four letters in it. The building on the other side must say "Bitter" but whose? Also still trying to find which bit of London FHW had shops.

  Brumas 21:37 13 Jun 2008

Unfortunately, the quality of the postcards do not lend themselves to much higher magnification.

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