Identification Longshot/Talking Point 642

  Brumas 21:47 06 Apr 2012

Good Evening All. A little harder perhaps?

click here

  Strawballs 21:48 06 Apr 2012

All I'm getting is Oops google chrome can't find a little harder perhaps

  john bunyan 21:49 06 Apr 2012

Brumas I get "cannot open the webpage" on that link - could you see if it works for you?

  Brumas 21:50 06 Apr 2012

The first link didn't seem to work, click here

  rdave13 21:50 06 Apr 2012

IE9 is more to the point, diagnose problem :)

  QuizMan 21:50 06 Apr 2012

Same problem in IE but my crystal ball says Chichester

  QuizMan 21:51 06 Apr 2012

Back in the land of the living - not Chichester

  john bunyan 21:57 06 Apr 2012

Not Sussex! Maybe Scotland

  Brumas 21:59 06 Apr 2012

john bunyan, yer noo wrang!

  QuizMan 21:59 06 Apr 2012

john bunyan - that's where I am looking too - west coast presumably.

  john bunyan 22:01 06 Apr 2012

Loch Ewe?

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