Identification Longshot/Talking Point 590

  Brumas 21:13 06 Jan 2012

Good Evening All.

Told you it was easy ;o} Try this one, well two actually, for size! click here

  Macscouse 21:17 06 Jan 2012


  zzzz999 21:18 06 Jan 2012

There is almost a Dutch look about some of those Town Houses. However, given the hills and valleys I would plump for Wales, maybe Glamorgan

  STREETWORK 21:23 06 Jan 2012

Is it in Wales i wonder, soemwhere near abergavenny...

  Brumas 21:28 06 Jan 2012

Macscouse it could be Knaresborough, we honeymooned there so I didn't see much scenery ;o}

  birdface 21:28 06 Jan 2012

Scotland somewhere all the roofs are slated.

  Brumas 21:28 06 Jan 2012

An early clue, it is not in Scotland or Wales.

  Woolwell 21:31 06 Jan 2012

The telegraph poles seem to be unusual.

  STREETWORK 21:33 06 Jan 2012

Could it be in the severn valley...

  STREETWORK 21:33 06 Jan 2012

I think that the viaduct is a rail line and the poles are telegraph ones from old...

  Noldi 21:36 06 Jan 2012

West Country but not sure where. Noldi

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