Identification Longshot/Talking Point 216

  Brumas 23:35 02 Oct 2009

Good Evening All.
Last one cos’ I’m off to bed soon,
click here

  Brumas 23:51 02 Oct 2009

A clue, it isn't Scotland, Wales or Ireland ;o)

  Woolwell 00:06 03 Oct 2009

Is Bingalau in it?

  DANZIG 00:15 03 Oct 2009

Funnily enough it reminds me of where my Gran used to live.

Kegworth near Nottingham

  Condom 00:22 03 Oct 2009

Looks Like Wyle Kop In Shrewsbury to me

  Brumas 09:12 03 Oct 2009

It seems you too are blessed with perspicacity, but where exactly is this location?

  Brumas 09:47 03 Oct 2009

I was going to write - That was a canny remark - but I've finished all my 'Janet and John' books now and thought I'd show off ;o)

It is of course somewhere in Merseyside - but where exactly is it, and for that matter where exactly is Bingalau or Macscouse when you need them?

  Bingalau 10:26 03 Oct 2009

Morning all, Sorry I went to the flicks last night to see "Dorian Gray" and really enjoyed it. Plenty of sex, blood and violence etc. I saw the original "The Picture of Dorian Gray" many yonks ago and enjoyed that too. The special effects in this latest one help it a lot too.

Oh! this place, no idea. There is a pub called the Derby Arms still in Russel Road, Garston, Liverpool. But I have an uncanny feeling that Brumas is trying to fool me and Macscouse by finding something from maybe the other side of the river. So I will plump for Birkenhead.

  Macscouse 11:44 03 Oct 2009

Sorry for the delay, I'm dog sitting for a neighbour, and taking the mutt for a walk in this weather is time consuming. The wind is so fierce that I have two reeves in my toupee.
My first thought was the picture was somewhere in Garston, with the street going down to the Mersey.

  Brumas 12:21 03 Oct 2009

Clue - it is EAST of Liverpool.

  Bingalau 13:18 03 Oct 2009

St. Helens?

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