Identification Longshot/Talking Point 212

  Brumas 20:58 25 Sep 2009

Good Evening All
We finally received the photographs taken of our Chatsworth Country Show prize. Here are just two showing ‘Lord and Lady Dunnabunk of Belford’ engaged in one of their normal weekend activities when they are not sailing - boot sale-ing that is ;o) click here click here
Enough of that nonsense, down to the nitty gritty, here is the puzzle complete with a signpost for a clue! click here

  octal 21:06 25 Sep 2009

That's Amersham.

  octal 21:09 25 Sep 2009

Oakfield corner to be exact click here

Third picture down.

  Brumas 21:20 25 Sep 2009

Well Done.

  john bunyan 21:25 25 Sep 2009

Speedy Gonzales!! Well done.

  octal 21:26 25 Sep 2009

By the way, I like the other pictures, they are lovely, it looked like a nice day.

  Brumas 22:47 25 Sep 2009

It certainly was, driving the golf home just wasn't the same :o)

  Quickbeam 01:27 26 Sep 2009

Health and Safety would have a problem with that ladder placement today!

  Quickbeam 01:54 26 Sep 2009


  morddwyd 11:18 26 Sep 2009

That ladder is clearly tied off at the top and ballasted at the bottom.

While the angle is a little wide, it leaves plenty of room for pedestrians and perambulators to pass without knocking the ladder.

It also looks that it is positioned to clear the sunblind.

While I might require extra measures (doubly secure tying off, minimum ballast weight at the bottom, a critical inspection for cracks and a safety man at the foot) I would have have no problem risk assessing that as acceptable!

  Quickbeam 11:24 26 Sep 2009

I was thinking of the risk of a car knocking it from the bottom as it's so close to the pavement edge. Clearly they trusted the drivers in the '50s more than they would with today's impatient lot:)

I think today's options would be to cordon it off with some pedestrian railings, maybe some temporary traffic lights and some advance warning signs... or just use a cherry picker.

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