Identification Longshot/Talking Point 204

  Brumas 22:20 28 Aug 2009

Good Evening All
Sticking with the train theme, where is this?
click here

  QuizMan 22:38 28 Aug 2009

Gare du Nord Paris

  QuizMan 22:39 28 Aug 2009
  Bingalau 22:50 28 Aug 2009

Well that one didn't last long, did it?

  bremner 22:51 28 Aug 2009

Why does your picture say Bruxelles?

  QuizMan 22:51 28 Aug 2009

Lucky guess. It looked French & Gare du Nord was the only one I could remember.

  QuizMan 22:52 28 Aug 2009

OOps - missed that. Hangs head it shame.
Brumas - give it to bremner

  Brumas 22:56 28 Aug 2009

Well Done but next time put your specs on ;o)

  Brumas 22:57 28 Aug 2009

Well Done also.

  bremner 22:58 28 Aug 2009

All the credit goes to Quizman - all I did was read the screen :o)

  Quickbeam 23:41 28 Aug 2009

That must be a Doctor striding across the forefront of the picture, with a cheeky ragamuffin gesticulating at the camera trying to spoil the expensive glass plate image no doubt. On the right it looks like a bakers boy with a basket of baguettes balanced on his head. The shadows look quite long for the time of day so I would guess it a crisp winters day. No sign of motor vehicles so, circa 1890...?

There's a lot to see in this one.

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