Identification Longshot/Talking Point 195

  Brumas 20:57 31 Jul 2009

Good Evening All.

Sorry this is such a dark, sombre and clueless puzzle but it reflects the mood I’m in, Fran is into her second day of this blooming horrible debilitating swine flu and the likelihood/inevitability of me succumbing to it hardly sends me into paroxysms of delight! Her temperature last night was over 39 C (over 102 F in real money) and the first Tamiflu tablet made her feel quite nauseous and poorly. The good news is, this morning and throughout the day, her temperature is sticking around the 37 C (98.6 F) mark and she actually started to fancy eating something so I have been busy making lokshen soup for her meal tonight which she did manage to eat. My ‘Jewish Penicillin’ is superb even if I say so myself, although I cannot take the full credit for it, as I did get the recipe from her late Mum. !
I am doing all that is humanly possible to lessen the chances of me catching it e.g. anti-bacterial wipes and spray on everything she touches, if I wash my hands anymore I’ll have no skin left, tissues and sterile bags everywhere, separate towels etc. and, quite frankly now I’m bushed :o(
Sorry to go on a bit!
As the postcard is quite difficult I shall give an early clue - Midges!!!
click here

  STREETWORK 21:01 31 Jul 2009

I'm going for Loch Lomond.

Hope Fran is feeling better...

  STREETWORK 21:02 31 Jul 2009

So far i have escaped the wrath of the piggy flu by isolating myself from the rest of the human race...

Not much atmosphere here on the moon...

  Macscouse 21:03 31 Jul 2009

Greetings. LHO & myself wish Fran a speedy recovery.
Picture looks like the North-west Coast of Scotland around Applecross.

  Longhaired One 21:14 31 Jul 2009

Is it Scourie?

  asmara0208 21:17 31 Jul 2009

Well could it be Glen Ure then?

  dukeboxhero 21:21 31 Jul 2009

Brumas , good evening, could it be the electric brae Ayrshire? Hope fran has a speedy recovery, And i think a couple of hawfs for youself to keep them germs away wouldnt go amiss

  Brumas 21:29 31 Jul 2009

Fran thanks you all for your best wishes.
At least you all have got the right country, all you have to do now is narrow it down a wee bit ;o)

  STREETWORK 21:39 31 Jul 2009

Glen Coe has the highest level of midges at this time of the year...

  birdface 21:46 31 Jul 2009

I thought the houses were a bit to bright looking for Scotland.Usually a drab colour to go with the weather.I would have went for Ireland but the Midgie's hint must place it in Scotland.So will go for Loch Long.

  bobbybowls 21:58 31 Jul 2009

devils elbow?

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