Identification Longshot/Talking Point 166

  Brumas 23:31 17 Apr 2009

Good Evening All.
Definitely going to bed now so have a go at this one.
click here

  cycoze 23:37 17 Apr 2009

Everyone knows this one is Delhi, its the clock tower sometimes called Firoz Shah's Pillar.

  Brumas 23:47 17 Apr 2009

Well Done. Clock Tower and Town hall, Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

  Quickbeam 00:44 18 Apr 2009

never bin to Delhi...

  rdave13 01:59 18 Apr 2009

Your're definately slipping with the difficulty aspects of the now infamous ILTP's. Three in a night usually recognised.
Hmm, maybe Bingalau would do a better job..ahem


  Brumas 09:28 18 Apr 2009

Wash your mouth out :o)
I make my selection from Fran's huge collection of postcards choosing cards which look interesting and possibly not so easily recognisable, 'some yer win - some yer lose'
I'll dig out some harder ones next week especially for you ;o))

  Bingalau 12:09 18 Apr 2009

Nice to see the opposition arguing.

  TopCat® 17:10 18 Apr 2009

Don't tell me our Liverpool friend was out there as well, and at that time! If so then he would have been known as Vindaloo Bingalau - you know, full of gas and gaiters! :o)) TC.

  Brumas 17:31 18 Apr 2009

I like!

  rdave13 18:37 18 Apr 2009

Looking foreward to a difficult one next week. As usual I won't have a clue and by not posting anything it will look as if I'm not on line ,though Googling furiously :)

Bingalau, I think you need to recruit some allies here.... ;)

  Longhaired One 19:56 18 Apr 2009

Hands off that gorgeous hunk of a film star, I saw him first. (That's a dram you owe me, Bingalau)

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