Identification Longshot/Talking Point 112

  Brumas 09:09 20 Sep 2008

Good Morning All.
Quite a fair selection of old cars won’t help the identification but I must admit to having a liking for them and old buses – sad really.
click here

  laurie53 09:32 20 Sep 2008

North Cornwall/Devon or West Wales?

  Bingalau 10:17 20 Sep 2008

Looks very much like Devon or Cornwall to me too. Welcome back Brumas!

  Jim Thing 10:19 20 Sep 2008

I have no idea where it was taken but I'll have a guess at when... late 1940s/early 1950s?

  Chris the Ancient 10:37 20 Sep 2008

Looking down to the bottom right, there appears to be a railway signal and a signal box.

The light coloured car near the bottom of the car park looks like a Ford 93E - which may focus the age closer to the 50's. I alos noticed an old Morris 8 like my dad used to have.

The shadows of the cars suggest they may be pointing towards the west - thus giving a north-facing coast???


  Brumas 10:56 20 Sep 2008

I never was any good at car recognition, if they had been steam trains that would have been a lot easier!

  Quickbeam 11:06 20 Sep 2008

I think the solution will be when the big house and the seafront terrace above it are recognized. These are likely to still be there.

  Jim Thing 11:18 20 Sep 2008

"I also noticed an old Morris 8 like my dad used to have."

Do you mean the only car that's parked facing up the slope? I think it's a Series E, circa 1938/39. Had one once. Built like a brick outhouse and just as quick (55 flat out downhill with wind behind it). Rusted like a bucket.

  Chris the Ancient 11:28 20 Sep 2008

That's the one. I stand corrected on the model (hangs head in shame!) But, just behind a small tree is a light-coloured car - possibly a Ford Anglia/Prefect? Also spotted in the car park, a Morris Minor of reasonable vintage (pre Minor 1000 which had the larger back window).

So I'm beginning to think mid 50's.

Trying to sharpen the image a bit and look in greater detail for things connected with the railway signal... The track seems to come right round the nearest edge of the bay. And the radius of the curves round the bends looks far too tight for a main-line track. And is it on concrete? The signal and box seem to be out of proportion to the apparent railway.

But now, I have to undertake various domestic duties (groan), so I shall have to ease out for a while and let wiser and more experienced heads that mine provide and answer.


  crosstrainer 11:45 20 Sep 2008


Caught me of guard with the Saturday posting....Very sneaky :))

  Coffee Adict 11:55 20 Sep 2008

I thought the railway signal might be a windsock, but not sure why you would need one there.

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