Identification Longshot and Talking Point 963

  Brumas 20:58 14 Oct 2013

Good Evening All

Let’s hope we have better tonight especially with the transitions between Brumas & Brumas2.

A delightful sprawling village with a fine looking viaduct.

click here

  Woolwell 21:17 14 Oct 2013


  Woolwell 21:17 14 Oct 2013

It's not Tavistock but in the South West.

  Brumas 21:19 14 Oct 2013

Woolwell A Frayed Knott, it is North Westish ;o}

  Woolwell 21:29 14 Oct 2013

Crosby Garrett?

  Brumas 21:31 14 Oct 2013

Woolwell Well Done

  Woolwell 21:32 14 Oct 2013

Am I the only one around tonight?

  Brumas 21:34 14 Oct 2013

Woolwell Perhaps I should put it back to Friday and risk the gremlins???

  Woolwell 21:38 14 Oct 2013

Brumas - Looks like that Monday is not a good night.

  Brumas 21:43 14 Oct 2013

Woolwell It really doesn't matter which night I do, although having said that I did prefer the original friday but they were nightmares. I also wouldn't want to switch and have people thinking

" I wish he would make his bloomin mind up etc"

I really do not know what the answer is?

  Woolwell 21:46 14 Oct 2013

Brumas - I don't know the answer either.

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